Take a Look at How These Preserved Homes Are Being Utilized as Restos, Cafes In This Tourist Spot

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Sanfang Qixiang, which translates to "Three Lanes and Seven Alleys," is a historical and cultural neighborhood in the city of Fuzhou, China. This area has over 200 preserved ancient folk houses mainly from the Ming and Qing dynasties. Blending in with the theme of the neighborhood are these McDonald's and Starbucks stores which were built into the preserved houses and buildings.


In a video blog by The Smart Local, vloggers Joyce Yang and Jonathan Paul show their trip around Fuzhou City and their visit to the McDonald's store in the neighborhood. It has a wooden front adorned with Chinese lanterns and the interiors also look like it's made from wood. Similar to other McDonald's branches all over the world, here you can find localized menu items that can only be found in the country.

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Sanfang Qixiang's ancient-looking Starbucks store is a two-story building that also has a structure made of wood and is adorned with red Chinese lanterns. You can find a rock structure with a Starbucks logo at the storefront. 

These stores offer an interesting experience of modern-meets-old. Imagine eating a McDonald's burger or drinking a Starbucks Frappucino in a building that looks like it was built hundreds of years ago? These definitely deserve to be a part of your future travel plans.

Sanfang Qixiang is located in the heart of Fuzhou. To know more about the area and how you can get there, check out this guide.

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