This Family Started a Furniture Business During The Pandemic

"The livelihood of some of our family members were greatly affected by this pandemic," shares Real Living reader Eunice Cleofas. "My tito Jerry had to shift [from working as] a school driver to a logistics courier. My tito Luis no longer drives his tricycle because of the coronavirus scare. Home repair requests for my ninong Nato [have lessened], and my tito Lito had to stop his packed meal business." 

It's certainly a rough time for Eunice's family, but they found their own way to bounce back.

"We thought of opening a furniture shop," she shares. According to Eunice, her family has a knack for DIY-ing furnitures, so they decided to turn this favorite pastime into a family business.

Meet the hardworking titos behind local furniture store Titos of Ang Gara Manila:

"I posted all of our existing DIY creations in various marketplaces," explains Eunice. And after a few days, orders were coming in. 


"[During our] first week, we are able to get our ROI," she happily shares. While her titos are busy crafting furnitures, Eunice and her other relatives are also involved in the business. "The rest of the family is in charge of the sales and promotions of our brand. I usually help paint and varnish the products." 

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Titos of Ang Gara Manila offers rustic-industrial style furniture that are crafted from wood and steel, from center tables, clothing racks, to console tables.  


"Instead of watching TV the whole day, working on furnitures has become our new bonding activity."

"This business does not only [help] my uncles [stay afloat during the crisis], but it also made them realize that anything is possible as long as we take the first step. I hope our story would also inspire other families to unite during this pandemic."

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