Chito Miranda Reveals Neri Invests on Land Instead of Bags

Plus, they shared a very important tip if you want to invest or start a business.


There's always a lot to learn from celebrity couple Chito Miranda and Neri Miranda, not only about their businesses and investments but also their relationship and family life. 

In an interview with Karen Davila on her YouTube channel, Chito and Neri talked about their humble beginnings and the lessons they want to share with other parents who want to start a business. 

Shot in Miranda's resthouse in Alfonso, Cavite, Chito clarified that Neri, who is also known as "Wais Na Misis," has a penchant for spending; it's just that her purchases are smart.

"Magastos siya, pero yung ginagastos niya, instead of buying a bag, lupa bibilhin niya," he said.


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Humble beginnings of Wais Na Misis


Neri, who hails from Subic, shared how she started to become madiskarte, "Hindi ko naramdaman na mahirap kami, pero naranasan ko yung maglako ng mga ulam nung college. Magtinda ng barbecue pagkatapos ng school. Nag-alaga din ako ng baboy, kumukuha ako ng kanin baboy sa mga kapitbahay."


The Parokya ni Edgar frontman told Karen that what he loves about Neri is her love for learning. "She's always trying to improve herself. Mas lalo na nung nalaman ko yung humble beginnings niya. Mahilig siya magbasa."

"It's so refreshing to find someone na iba yung obsession niya with improving herself."

Neri explained, "Pag pinunta mo ko sa pagaartista, alam ko kasi ako yung isa sa di kagandahan, so anong dapat mong gawin? Kailangan improve yourself, kailangan marunong ka sa ibang bagay. Para total package."

She also shared the one thing that inspires her to keep hustling: "Ayoko maranasan ng mga anak ko yung nangyari sa akin, so talagang sobrang kayod ako."


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Chito is a Wais na Mister


Chito shared that although he comes from a well-off family, he wanted to be careful with his money because his parents told him, "Yung pagbabanda hindi forever."

"Since day 1, I invested my money in negosyo and houses, para once mawala yung band, meron akong backup plan."

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Chito admires Neri for not just being wais, but also for being generous in sharing the lessons she learned. 

"Hindi kami soulmates, meaning, if we decide to breakup she is so independent she could survive on your own. Lagi niya sinasabi, when it comes to the girls, dapat wais kayo when it comes to your finances, pag maghiwalay kayo, dapat di ka dependent sa husband mo," Chito said.

Neri who grew her tuyo business from a Php 3000 capital to Php 1.5M said that she learned how to manage her finances from Chito.

"Tinuruan niya ko, if you have 15k, 10k ilagay mo sa bangko, 5k un paikutin mo. Yung feeling mo yan lang pera mo, hanggang sa naging habit ko na. Naging ipon ko na siya."

Neri admits, she still gets negative comments, but she shuns them.

"May nagbabash, yuck, kadiri, asawa ka ng Parokya tapos bumagsak ka sa pagtutuyo."


But she proves to them that there's nothing to be ashamed of in selling these products as long as you believe in it and you are helping other people.

"Pati mga distributors at resellers ko ang daming nainvest na properties," she said.


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Tips for aspiring business owners

For parents who want to start their businesses but don't know where to start, the couple shared three important tips. 

"Kailangan ikaw maniniwala sa kakayahan mo."

1. Think of a need

From selling beddings, accessories, suka, tuyo, crab paste to managing restaurants - Neri said these were all born out of need. "Kung ano ang pinoproblema mo sa bahay, negosyo yan," she said.

Neri said, she found beddings are expensive, so she looked for a supplier who can do the same quality but cheaper. Then she turned it into a business!

2. Believe in yourself.

In any endeavor, self-confidence is key. "Lakas ng loob. Kailangan ikaw maniniwala sa kakayahan mo, napakasupportive ng asawa ko, talagang kinokontra nya ko at least kaya kong panindigan yan," Neri said. Chito cautions, "Pero dapat yung risk mo calculated pa rin. Isugal mo half, don't gamble everything."



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 3. Use social media for good

For moms, Neri has an advice on how to use social media for self-improvement, "Nakababad kayo sa social media, dapat yung social media niyo nagaaral kayo. Finafollow ko mga business minded talaga, yung may makukuha akong aral sa kanya, hindi yung makiki-Marites ako. I use my social media accounts for research."

Health is wealth


At the end of the day, the Miranda family says, health is the true wealth.

"Kahit anong dami mong pera, kahit nasa maganda kang subdivision, kung yung health niyo bagsak, wala eh."

Chito added, "There's something I didn't believe before pero naniniwala na ako ngayon. Yung "Happy wife, happy life" talaga, totoo yun. As long as your wife is happy sobrang relaxed lahat."

And we're confident. Neri is indeed a happy wife!

For Neri, she shared the one thing that inspires her to keep hustling: "Ayoko maranasan ng mga anak ko yung nangyari sa akin, so talagang sobrang kayod ako."


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