Live Out Your Ninja Warrior Dreams at This Massive Outdoor Obstacle Park in Quezon City


If you've ever yelled at a person pushing themselves to the limit getting through an obstacle course while you sit there on your couch snacking, then, well, we feel you. No need to feel guilty, we've all done it. But hey, here's your chance to try out the other side! Yup, it's time to get off your butt and try out obstacle courses yourself because the Bridgetowne Obstacle Park is finally open. Touted as the biggest in the world, this facility at the one-hectare Bridgetowne Central Park in Quezon City opened up on Sunday, November 13.


World's biggest obstacle park opens at Bridgetowne Central Park in Quezon City


bridgetowne obstacle park, bridgetowne PHOTO BY courtesy of bridgetowne bridgetowne obstacle park, bridgetowne PHOTO BY courtesy of bridgetowne



The massive park spans 6,000 square meters and has 25 obstacles you can try and dominate. It was built through the Robinsons Land's Bridgetowne Destination Estate and the Pilipinas Obstacle Sports Federation.

Don't worry about going straight from your couch to the adult monkey bars; As the Pilipinas Obstacle Sports Federation (POSF) and Obstacle Course Racing Asia Pacific president Attorney Alberto Agra noted in a press release, "The Bridgetowne Obstacle Park is a testament to POSF's mission of bringing OCR everywhere and for everyone's enjoyment."


bridgetowne obstacle park, bridgetowne PHOTO BY courtesy of bridgetowne bridgetowne obstacle park, bridgetowne PHOTO BY courtesy of bridgetowne

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The 25 obstacle courses were built for both newbies and pros at any age, plus you can even get private training sessions at Beginner, Intermediate, and Advanced levels for P1,500. This fee is good for up to three people; if you want more to join, that's P500 per head.

For a peek at what challenges await, check out the course names: Rope Climb, Herc Hoist, Cliff Hanger, Peg Board, Monkey Bars, Tilting Monkey Bars, Gymnast Rings, Ring Twister, Twister, Ape Hanger, A Frame, Z-Wall, Traverse Wall, Crawl, Over-Under-Thru Walls, 6-Foot Wooden Wall, 8-Foot-Wooden Wall, W Balance Beam, Elevated Balance Beam, Spear Throw, Atlas Stones, Sleds, Hurdles (High and Low), Bucket Carry and 25 Sand Bags.


bridgetowne obstacle course PHOTO BY bridgetowne obstacle park


Excited yet? Note that the park is open from 6 a.m. to 6 p.m. daily. You can get passes for the day or for the whole month. So yup, you can get your ninja warrior mode on at prettyy much any time.


"Building the world’s biggest permanent obstacle facility is our commitment to our advocacy on winning, resilience, and the value of conquering obstacles," said Mybelle V. Aragon-GoBio, Senior Vice-President and General Manager of Robinsons Destination Estates, in a statement.


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