Zsa Zsa and Conrad's Modern Asian House

The singer and architect start a new life together in their three-storey house in Makati

Original Article: Candice Lim-Venturanza and Gabby Reyes Libarios Photography: Dairy Darilag Architect: Conrad Onglao

Singer Zsa Zsa Padilla and architect Conrad Onglao's love story sounds like something out of a best-selling book or a box-office hit. Both have been married before — Zsa Zsa to Dr. Modesto Tatlonghari and Conrad to interior designer Ivy Almario. They have also been in long-term relationships that lasted for many years. Conrad was committed to a beauty queen for a decade, while Zsa Zsa was in a 23-year relationship with Comedy King Dolphy until his untimely passing in 2012. 

In 2014, the now-engaged couple met through a common friend, Mega Star Sharon Cuneta. They now live together in a three-storey house designed by Conrad in an exclusive subdivision in Makati. The clean lines, white walls, and clear glass windows of the home are paired with Oriental-inspired pieces.

Read the original article in YES! Celebrity Homes 2015. YES! Celebrity Homes 2015 is available at bookstores and newsstands nationwide. Click here to download a digital copy of YES! Celebrity Homes 2015.


Architect Conrad Onglao did not want any gates or barriers that would hide the three-storey house (four, if you count the basement). To keep the modern Asian home safe, he installed a home security system. He adds that they will add more closed-circuit television (CCTV) surveillance cameras soon. 


Ponce Veridiano chose Buddha belly, selloums, ferns, and large elephant ears alongside mango, macopa, and canistel or chesa trees for the exterior landscaping.


Once you open the front door, you will be welcomed by the sight of this bright and airy foyer. Although there is a Filipino belief that placing a mirror in front of the door can be unlucky, it didn't stop Conrad from putting up an oversized wall mirror on this wall.


For a streamlined look, Conrad designed a modern staircase with clear tempered glass instead of old-fashioned railings. We think that the contemporary staircase looks grand and impressive.


Underneath the staircase are two framed charcoal sketches by the late painter Anita Magsaysay-Ho. According to Conrad, Anita gave these artworks to him as a Christmas gift.

(Anita was one of the Thirteen Moderns, considered as the pioneers of Philippine modern art. - ed.)


On the opposite side of staircase is a space for receiving and entertaining guests. The open cabinet with built-in lighting holds Conrad's collection of jars from Zamboanga, China, Indonesia, France, and the United States.


From this particular spot, you can see the foyer, receiving area, and the second floor living area. Since there are no walls separating the different spaces in the home, the entire place looks roomy and spacious.


To make the home even more beautiful, Conrad surrounded the property with different plants. These plants instantly breathe life into the couple's first home together.

Living Area

Instead of solid walls, the living area is surrounded with floor-to-ceiling glass. These clear glass panels let the light in and make the space look even bigger than it already is.

The room is furnished with an L-shaped sectional sofa, a clear coffee table, and a zebra-print rug. 

Grand Piano

Although Conrad does not know how to play the piano, he invested in a black Kawai grand piano. This instrument helps define the room and can be used by a professional pianist during parties and gatherings.

Dining Area

If you would like to make the most of your space, you can opt for an open layout. Instead of separating the different areas with walls, you can use area rugs to define each spot.

For example, you can also use an animal rug in the living area and a printed rug for the dining area.


Surprisingly enough, Conrad and Zsa Zsa's favorite area is their white kitchen! They like this open space so much because it feels chic, cozy, and comfortable.


There is also an informal dining area in the kitchen for everyday meals! Since only Conrad and Zsa Zsa share this house, this small dining table is perfect for enjoying breakfast, lunch, and dinner together.

Second Floor Living Area

Since the homeowners prefer to stay at home rather than to go out, they can simply host get-togethers in their own place! Thankfully, they have more than enough seats for guests in their three-storey dwelling, including this tufted daybed in the second floor living area.


Since the couple and their loved ones rarely spend time in this den, Zsa Zsa found a different use for this space! Three times a week, a Pilates instructor comes over and holds private classes for Zsa Zsa here.

Roof Deck

If Conrad and Zsa Zsa want to plan a special dinner for their family and friends, they can hold it on the roof deck. The open space is ideal for enjoying a picturesque view of the Makati City skyline.

Master Bedroom

According to Conrad, the ceiling height in the master bedroom is equivalent to two storeys. The high ceiling makes the private sanctuary seem well-lit, grand, and majestic. 

Master Bedroom

To complete the luxurious space, Conrad also brought in different seats that can be used for reading and working.

Master Bathroom

Although Conrad built this Modern Asian house before he met Zsa Zsa, he already installed his-and-hers fixtures in the master bathroom!

It seems that he chose to have two sinks and two toilets because he has always planned to share this home with someone that he wants to spend the rest of his life with.


The three-storey house looks even more magnificent at night because of its modern shape, glass windows, and dramatic lighting.


If you look closely, you would see that the column is actually a shaft for the house's private elevator. This indulgent addition makes it easier for the couple to reach the different floors in the home. However, on most days, they still prefer to use the stairs.

YES! Celebrity Homes 2015

Read the original article in YES! Celebrity Homes 2015. YES! Celebrity Homes 2015 is available at bookstores and newsstands nationwide. Click here to download a digital copy of YES! Celebrity Homes 2015.


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