This 60sqm Two-Storey Home Will Remind You of a Quaint Cottage in the Woods

Hints of blue, wooden elements, and charming décor pieces complete this space


How do you create an ideal home for a starting family? For interior designer Jean Suzanne Sy, it all boils down to proper space planning. Located in Bocaue, Bulacan, this two-storey single detached house was designed for a couple and their 12-year-old daughter.

Just like in any other project, it had its own share of challenges. Suzanne shares that for the second floor area, she had to fit in two bedrooms with wardrobe closets, a small guest room, a common work and study area, and a powder room. To address these hurdles with the given budget, she worked with natural light, customized pieces, and a couple of bargain finds. The result is a lovely home that looks straight out of a storybook.

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Since the space looks bare upon entrance, Suzanne added a table with a potted plant to liven it up. If your entrance can accommodate an extra table, you can use it to set up a vignette of plants, photographs, and select decor pieces.

Living Area

To keep up with the Shabby chic theme of the home, the living room highlights the use of white with touches of blue. These two colors seem to open up the space and serve as the perfect background for the furniture. Suzanne chose a printed sofa to add character and quirkiness to the space. The sofa and vibrant pillows look perfect against the blue accent wall as vintage prints liven up the walls and add a cozy country vibe.

The sofa and lamp were purchased from Mandaue Foam Furniture Store while the small rug was bought from Narda’s in Baguio City.

Living Area

The area also highlights customized furniture pieces in distressed finish and neutral tones. White was chosen for the rest of the area so that the furniture would stand out. If you’re looking for similar baskets and accessories, you may want to schedule a visit to Dapitan Arcade. The wood plank on the coffee table is from Urban Abode.

Living and Dining Areas

From the living area, one can take a peek into the dining space that's bathed in natural light. If you are currently working on your dream home, you may want to maximize the huge windows by using sheer curtains. It can let sunlight pass through while giving you just enough privacy.

Dining Area

The dining area looks straight out of Pinterest with its distressed table and matching chairs. To create a focal point in the space, the designer chose a birdcage pendant lamp.


Suzanne designed this part of the house with the help of an apprentice from the University of the Philippines. Thinking that the door is too plain, they decided to turn it into a chalkboard where the owners can write down notes, reminders, and grocery lists.

Suzanne also added a partition between the living, dining, and kitchen areas to create more space for storage and cabinets. Aside from the dainty touches in the space, one wouldn’t miss the mosaic tiles used as backsplash, too. It helped define the overall look of the kitchen as it features a fabric-like pattern that’s easy to clean and maintain. When it comes to decorating your own cooking space, consider working with open shelves for recipe books and other items that you use regularly. These shelves allow you to display some of your collectibles that add to the homey vibe.


Instead of installing hooks under the kitchen cabinets, you can have a utensil board where you can hang and display the utensils that you use regularly. This turns your chosen pieces into decor and keeps your tools accessible, too. 


Suzanne brightened up the space by hanging plants using tin pails. No need to worry about water and sunshine as you can work with artificial plants. In a way these pieces also bring a touch of the outdoors into the home.

Study/Work Area

As much as possible, consider placing your study or work nook by the window to maximize natural light. This helps you focus too, as the view of the outdoors can relax your mind and fuel your creativity.

Study/Work Area

To maximize the space, the wall partition between the study/work nook and the bedroom was turned into a shelf. It has an accent fabric backing to break the monotony of the white walls. The shelves are also perfect for storing supplies and other belongings to avoid clutter. Suzanne also chose a wall-mounted desk to give the users enough leg room. To keep up with the theme of the home, the Windsor chairs were refurbished to have distressed white seats.

The Windsor chairs are from HMR while the wire lamp is from SM.

Master Bedroom

The use of white opens up the space and gives it a bright and airy vibe. The throw pillow with crocheted scarf works as an accent piece. When decorating, use printed pillows to add texture and pattern in a plain and bare room.

Guest Room/Reading Nook

This multipurpose room is cozy and inviting with blue walls and accent wood planks. Shelves and cabinets were added as storage for books, décor, and other essentials. To add texture to the room, a Raffia rug from HMR anchors the look of the space. The wood planks are from Urban Abode while the accessories are from Dapitan Arcade.

Guest Room/Reading Nook

Given the space, Suzanne chose a built-in bed with drawers underneath. To differentiate it from other beds with hidden drawers, she spruced it up with a distressed finish and chicken wires in between. Customized frames and pillows keep the space from being bare.


To avoid a cramped look for the bathroom, Suzanne added a wall-hung frame and a mini shelf to hold artificial plants. She then paired the blue walls with tiles that look like reclaimed wood. These pieces add texture to the space. The hamper and chalkboard are from ID Furniture.


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