This 132sqm Condo Offers Two Spectacular Views

Majestic floor-to-ceiling windows set this home apart from the rest

Original Article: Cecil Jusi-Baltasar Photography: Miguel Nacianceno Styling: Dagny Madamba and Tala Singson

Homeowner: Paola Loot-Branfman

Type of Home: 132sqm Condo

Style of Home: Cozy Contemporary

Entering Mommy Treats owner Paola Loot-Branfman’s home feels like stepping inside a viewing deck where one could soak in the splendor of Antipolo—thanks to the floor-to-ceiling windows in her living area. That, however, isn’t the only charm of her 132sqm pad. Opposite the windows and flush against the wall is an equally captivating custom-made shelving unit that holds all sorts of things that add to the warm and cozy vibe of her place. Just a few steps away is the dining area, which Paola had to move to make it adjacent to her kitchen. It used to be on the far end of the room, which is now where her home office sits. Behind her home office’s gray wall are her kids’ room and the master bedroom respectively.

Although Paola and her family do not live here anymore, the unit is still frequently used to entertain friends and make scrumptious munchies for her business.

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“I love gray, and I couldn’t choose which shade I wanted so I used them all,” says Paola with a laugh. Case in point, the many shades of gray in her accent wall in the foyer.

To break the monotony of the walls, she added a quirky print as decor.

Living Area

When Paola moved in, the unit was the complete opposite of what it is today. “The floor was in laminated parquet, the walls were painted in some sort of weird cream shade, and the baseboards were done in a glossy red-brown finish,” she shares. Her remedy was to remove all the baseboards and install new wooden tiles on top of the old ones and paint the walls different shades of gray.

The L-shaped couch opposite the custom-made shelves is a purchase from Mandaue Foam. It is complemented by a coffee table (that doubles as storage for soft throw pillows for visiting friends) purchased from My Home.

Living Area

Paola had her shelf custom-made and filled it with things that mean a lot to her, like books that she’s had since high school, framed family photos, artworks from New York, and other bric-a-bracs.

Living Area

“I wanted shelves all across the living room wall, and I wanted each shelf to be on different levels and in different sizes,” says Paola. That explains why the design of her shelf is out of the ordinary (a shelf within a shelf, anyone?) To achieve this, she sought the help of her architect friends.

Meanwhile, the slim floor lamp is from Mandaue Foam. It is rarely used during the daytime because of the abundant natural light coming from the wide windows.

Living Area

“I buy art only when I feel something immediately after I see it,” says Paola. Clearly, these artworks made an impression on her not only because they made it to her home, but also because they’re displayed front and (almost) center on her shelf.


Tear down a wall, install a counter, custom-make an entire shelving unit (to accommodate a convection oven, microwave oven, and a double sink) were just some of the renovations Paola did to get more space for the kitchen. It all proved to be worth it in the end as the space became her business headquarters—aka where she bakes lactation snacks—for Mommy Treats (

Decor Detail

By the kitchen is a shelf that holds bills, a collection of corks, and a framed body-positive poster from IKEA.

Dining Area

Paola shares that the chairs and oval table (from EDIA) in the dining room are from her old apartment, which used to be the right fit for her then circular space. “Now that it’s here, in the middle of a rectangular area, it looks a little off, but it still works for us. It’s just the right size,” she shares.

Home Office

Paola shares that the chairs and oval table (from EDIA) in the dining room are from her old apartment, which used to be the right fit for her then circular space. “Now that it’s here, in the middle of a rectangular area, it looks a little off, but it still works for us. It’s just the right size,” she shares.

Home Office

Adding accent to the study is a rubber branch from Landmark, which Paola repainted and hung from the ceiling along with some glass globes for her air plants using nylon string. She is also looking into installing glass walls around the area to further define the space.


“I know there are some cultures that say you’re not supposed to put a mirror at the foot of your bed, but since that’s not my culture, I thought it was okay to let my bed face the mirrors,” shares Paola of her design decision.


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