Janice de Belen’s Renovated Family Home

Simple, airy, and spacious—this two-storey property is filled with art, a variety of collections, and happy memories

Original Article: Jocelyn T. Valle and Candice Lim-Venturanza Photography: Dakila Angeles

They say the home is a reflection of one’s personality and we couldn’t agree more. Each time you step into a space, you can’t help but feel excited about what you’re about to see and discover. Aside from giving guests a peek into the favorites and passions of the owner, it also echoes a chapter in one’s life. In the case of actress Janice de Belen, renovating this property meant creating a home for her kids who are growing up and acquiring more belongings over time. It also allowed her to achieve a space that’s child-friendly—since her grandchildren often visit—and a place where her pets can roam around freely.

With the expertise of architects/interior designers Deng Gepanaga, Arlene Andres, and Dong Caritativo, the house went through an overhaul. Janice was on top of the whole process and after almost two years of extensive work, the family was able to move and settle into the bright and spacious home in 2014.

Front Door

The house features a mix of industrial-inspired elements and wooden touches. Trees and plants surround the property—adding to the homey, welcoming feel.


Instead of the usual window we see in most homes, an oversized porthole sets the foyer apart. It gives the owners and their guests a view of the garden outside. A low table holds a vase of flowers and other knickknacks.

Main Entrance

A beautiful wooden door welcomes guests into the home. According to Janice, the main entrance of the home was moved from the left to create a walkway. The old entrance was closed off to create a closet.

Living Area

During the renovation, Janice made it clear that she wanted to have an open, airy, and simple space. The openness can be seen in the living area as it's furnished only with basic pieces and works of art that the actress collects.

Living Area

Prior to renovation, the living area was closed off. To let air flow through the spaces, walls were knocked down and some areas were repositioned. In this part of the living area, two columns perfectly hold a plank of wood used to display artwork. The portrait of a girl with a ribbon is by Arlene Sy while the painting of a woman was done by Rovi Salegumba.

Living Area

Since she wants a simple yet cozy home, Janice opted for quality yet inexpensive furniture. To keep this area inviting, basic must-haves like a big couch, a coffee table, and an armoire complete the space. The glass sliding doors behind it lead to the veranda.

Dining Area

From the living area, one can go straight to the dining area. It has an eight-seater dining table as focal point while a customized shelf filled with small appliances take up one wall. 

Dining Area

Since she wants to have a special place where she can write her thoughts and ideas when creativity strikes, Janice transformed this corner into a blackboard wall using chalkboard paint ordered from Amazon. The doting mother shares that her kids would often leave notes, too.

Dining Area

The wooden wall behind the dining table is actually a secret storage unit. China are kept on the left side while the right part serves as a small pantry.

Storage Detail

A customized shelving system beside the dining table was made for the small appliances that Janice owns. She has blenders, juices, and a steamer, to name a few. According to the actress, she wants to see everything at a glance instead of keeping them inside cabinets.


The spacious kitchen would instantly remind you of restaurants and cooking shows. Janice chose stainless steel countertops instead of granite for a couple of good reasons. Aside from being in line with the industrial style she's aiming for, stainless steel is also easier to clean and maintain. Utensils are organized using rods while a slim ledge above the window holds different mugs.


Pedro Garcia paintings adorn the wall by the stairs while an intricately lovely lighting fixture hangs from the ceiling.


The neat and organized workspace on the second floor can be considered as Janice's special place. It houses her collection of paintings by Robert Shook, JJ Zamoranos, Mendoza, and other up-and-coming artists. Aside from these captivating pieces, it also features a magnet board which showcases her collection of magnets, a cabinet filled with her giraffe collection, books, and her arts and crafts supplies.


Items in the workspace are carefully organized. On both sides of her work table are mobile carts with drawers and a magnetic front that can hold small items in cans.

Janice's Bedroom

The bedroom is kept simple and neat with a platform bed and storage options for clothes, shoes, and other belongings.

Janice's Bathroom

A glass partition separates the bathroom from the bedroom. Its main features include a show area and a clawfoot bathtub.

Janice's Bathroom

One of the things Janice wanted in the home is for everything to be transparent—hence the glass partitions. The same can be seen in the shower enclosure.

Yuan's Bedroom

The only boy in the house enjoys a bedroom with an en suite bathroom. Storage was given utmost importance given Yuan's collectibles and other belongings.


From the living area, one can access this quaint outdoor nook. Janice opted to turn it into an outdoor dining area where she and her kids can cook and enjoy good food.


Aside from the dining set with a distressed finish, a colorful seating piece and a high back wing chair also complete the space—making it the perfect spot for bonding sessions and get-togethers.

Read the original article in the May 2016 issue of YES! Magazine. To download a digital copy of YES!, visit Summit Newsstand at Janice de Belen's home is also included in the 2016 YES! Celebrity Homes Special—out now in bookstores and newsstands nationwide.

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