History and Culture in an Art Deco-Inspired Bachelor’s Pad

Interesting finds and quirky details complete this small space

Photography: Ocs Alvarez/ACME Visual Productions Interior Designer: Wilmer Lopez and Mara Manalo

Two interior designers’ distinct takes on the art deco style blend beautifully in this one-bedroom bachelor pad. Wilmer Lopez’s design of the living and dining areas is inspired by the radical European movement during the art deco era amid the luxury, glamor, and progress that pervaded. On the other hand, Mara Manalo’s interpretation of the bedroom shows the homeowner’s more personal side: his penchant for documenting culture, collecting artifacts, and creating his own art as well.

Curious yet? Take this virtual tour to look at the space in detail.

Living Area

Space Encounters’ signature mid-century modern style is visible through their furniture pieces. Vibrant colors and metallic accents pop out from the predominantly dark interior.

Living and Dining Areas

The space is designed and filled with items that reflect the bachelor’s interesting character, cultural awareness, and masculinity. The faded, Persian-style rug is from Decoliving Manila. 

Dining Area

Wilmer designed the space in such a way that the living and dining areas are flexible enough to accommodate the homeowner’s needs—a space for him to relax, to get inspired, and to perform his hobbies—all while keeping it looking sleek and clean.

Living and Dining Areas

The large window allows natural light to cast on the mostly gray interiors. Note the interesting play on textures: from faux fur to metal to printed fabric. 

Living Area

Tribal-themed prints on the pillows exhibit historical and cultural awareness. One of the framed artworks is a tribute to Bauhaus, an art school in Germany, which was in operation sometime during the 1920s. The tribal-print pillows are from L'indochine. 

Living Area

The ruins pictured in this large-scale poster might as well represent the radical movements that were on the rise despite advancements during the art deco era. Wilmer took these realities as inspiration to create an interesting space filled with history and culture.

Living Area

The mix of art pieces brings a retro vibe to the living area, which perfectly blends with modern style furniture, giving the homeowner the chance to enjoy the best of both worlds.


The bedroom draws the eye to the whimsical color palette: teal with hints of brown and rose color. According to Mara, the color palette is inspired by Wes Anderson's film, Rushmore, one of the bachelor homeowner’s favorite movies.

The overall look also shows geometric forms inspired by Egyptian and Aztec architecture, Greek and Roman patterns, and the Machine age skyscrapers and objects. The Ikebana bed base is from Habitat, while the armchair is from Space Encounters. 


This view of the bedroom shows how all the elements are tied together by the homeowner’s love for natural materials and native products. The Kilim rug alone carries different motifs and patterns, which tell all sorts of interesting stories.


The owner’s never-ending thirst for discovering and re-discovering things is reflected on the artwork by Space Encounters. Furniture silhouettes are boxy, stepped, and monumental, reminiscent of ancient monumental ziggurats. The wooden window blinds are from Wilcon Depot.


The wall on the other side is kept bare but appears anything but dull: a corner light casts shadows from the potted plants, and natural light is brought in from the bedroom window.


Personal articles give life and character to the space. A low media table holds an interesting mix of artifacts and modern conveniences, showing how the space is as filled with history and culture as it is with functional, contemporary pieces.

To complete this space, Wilmer worked with pieces from Space Encounters, Seed Design, Marshall by Digital Walker, and Crate and Barrel. Mara worked with picks from Habitat, Uratex, L'Indochine, Space Encounters, and The Old Wood.

This unit was designed as part of this year’s Real Living Space at the Sapphire Bloc by Robinsons Land in Ortigas. To learn more about Real Living’s signature event, visit

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