Geometric Dreams in a One-of-a-Kind Tropical Retreat

This sanctuary is a multi-level structure of steel, concrete, and countless moving parts

Original Article: Tisha Alvarez Photography: Ocs Alvarez Styling: Issa Villar

Georg Kredler’s design aesthetic can best be described as unconventional. Having worked on tree houses and membrane roofs, star observatories and polygons, the architect from Germany had no qualms about incorporating what he learned on these projects when he built his tropical retreat in Boracay.

A multi-level structure of steel and concrete, it is an intricate study in geometry with a couple of moving parts thrown in for good measure. Located on a cliff overlooking Baling Hai Beach, the four corners of Georg’s hideaway are perfectly aligned to the points of a compass. There are two octagonal towers standing on opposite corners; one with an observatory and the other, a bedroom and sunset room. A system of levers and pulleys opens up three walls of the living area, offering guests a veritable 360-degree view of the sea. Some of the other walls are movable as well. By unscrewing them from their metal frames, the walls can be put away when Georg flies off to Germany.

Other elements make this retreat truly one-of-a-kind. Light shining from the center of the ceiling announces the arrival of the summer solstice. A statue of Toeris, the Egyptian protector of life, stands proudly in the midst of this 11,000sqm property. And a winding staircase rises up from the ground up this modern fortress. The beauty of modern architecture combined with the mystique of a tropical paradise—what more can one ask for?

Original article by Tisha Alvarez. Styling by Issa Villar. Photographed by Ocs Alvarez.

 Read the original article (“Baling High”) in the April 2006 issue of Real Living Magazine. To download a digital copy of Real Living Magazine, visit Summit Newsstand at

Living Area

Glass on the walls and the floors give a spectacular view of the world outside. A hanging daybed is perfect for afternoon siestas.

Dining Area

All over the house is Romblon marble, from the floors and walls to the dining table. When polished, this type of marble has a reflective sheen, similar to that of mother-of-pearl.

Living Area Detail

Walls, lowered down through levers and pulleys, give Georg and his guests more room to chill out and enjoy the Boracay vibe. This particular wall already has its furniture, most of which were sourced locally, attached to it.

Levers and Pulleys

A system of levers and pulleys opens up three walls of the living area, offering guests a veritable 360-degree view of the sea.

Living Area Detail

Here, one can take in the bright skies of the island and the gentle waves of Baling Hai Beach.

Roof Deck

The roof deck has a definitive nautical vibe. The steel-and-cane chairs were designed by Georg; these come with moving panels which can serve as tables.

Calming View

The roof deck gives a calming view of the surroundings.

Dual-Purpose Pieces

When the walls are up, the attached the furniture end up being used as shelves.


While this wall can also be lowered, Georg usually keeps it up to block out the winds of amihan.

Toeris Statue

A replica of the statue of Toeris found in Cairo’s National Museum, this piece was made in Romblon, transported on a yacht, loaded onto a dinghy, and then carried up the house by eight men. It’s that heavy!

Start of Summer

The beginning of summer is marked by sunshine streaming directly from this hole, which may be found in the center of the ceiling.

Decor Detail

Seashells may be found all around the house; some hang from the ceiling, others just lie carelessly about.

Kitchen Detail

This kitchen post holds Georg’s collection of eyewear.


This house features a network of stairways, from the outside going in. There are reportedly 200 steps from the beach to the house.

Sunset Room

Enjoy the tropical life from the comfort of the sunset room; the walls may be removed for guests to have a better view.

Spectacular View

Jutting from out of a cliff, this tropical retreat is truly a sight to behold.


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