A 15sqm Studio Unit

Country chic meets industrial in the smallest condo we've ever seen

Photography: Jilson Tiu Design Consultant: RG Rosso

When people ask about the smallest home featured on the website, many are surprised to know that spaces measuring 21sqm, 18sqm, and even 17sqm exist. If you think you’ve seen it all, then we have a little surprise for you. Found in a hip real estate development along Taft Avenue, this 15sqm condo unit is completed with big, clever, and captivating details.

Designed by RG Rosso, a Hong Kong-based designer, the compact space highlights a fusion of industrial elements and subtle country chic touches. Since the owner plans to rent it out, RG created a home where the occupant can relish some alone time and invite friends over, too. To be able to maximize the space, he also worked with tried-and-tested solutions and a few new tricks. “The flat appears larger with the use of several design features focusing on creating depth rather than a minimalist approach to furnishings. Creating depth was key to allowing [the addition of] standard-size furniture and oversized elements in the space [to achieve] the wow factor,” says RG.

With green and rust as the dominant colors, the small space became cozier and even more inviting. From the entrance to the bed—every inch of space was carefully planned and made functional. Don’t let this tiny home deceive you! It has a unique vibe that will make you want to live in it, too.


From the door, guests are greeted by dark forest green walls, a mirror, and a huge llama art piece. An area rug featuring a combination of bright and warm hues add color to the space.


The space from the door may seem narrow, but the chosen colors and pieces make it seem wider. RG believes that homeowners can showcase big pieces even in tight spaces. The llama illustration proved to be a challenge as it was too big to fit in the truck. They had to stretch the canvas in the room. "We used the bed as a the flat surface, then carefully rotated the canvas several times to ensure a proper tension without hitting the walls," says RG.

Since the finished art piece was done with very small margins, the staples were exposed on the sides of the frame. The designer chose to replace the staples with brass tacks, adding oomph to the piece. For a cohesive look, brass metal hooks were also installed as extra organizers.


The compact kitchen has enough space for meal preparation and cabinets for storage. Although not seen in the photo, the cooking area features a dropped/drop ceiling to add general lighting without overpowering the accent beams of the track lights and pendant lamps.


Even without solid wall partitions, the designer was able to separate the unit's areas. To give the owner privacy and to add to the industrial feel of the space, RG opted for a wood and wire partition. It didn't disrupt the flow of the space and even gave the owner a spot to display small photos and prints using mini clothespins.

" The black wire mesh provided an alternative to glaze as a tint on the opposite side of the distressed wood partition. It also reacted differently to the lighting in the kitchen," adds RG.

Sleeping/Lounge Area

For those who want to live in a small space, RG suggests doing a walkthrough of the unit first so he or she can identify the most comfortable spot in the room. This spot can be the central lounge area or where the bed can be placed. "The most comfortable spot [must be the place where the owner] cannot see the entrance, the kitchen, and the bathroom," he explains. Aside from the partition, a sheer gray curtain adds extra privacy.

Sleeping/Lounge Area

Would you believe that this part of the condo serves as the sleeping area, storage center, and dining nook? The right set of pieces and clever solutions helped RG accomplish such feat. The bed is placed against the wall, with a big window providing extra light. Following the idea of using layers, it features a mix of fluffy pillows and sheets for a relaxing slumber.

Sleeping/Lounge Area

The focal point of the unit, this wall doesn't only add warmth to the space, it gives it a style boost, too. The wallpaper was purchased in Thailand and the installation became a challenge as it rolls vertically. RG and his team had to devise a system for its horizontal installation. The hard work paid off in the end as it came out beautifully. Extra shelves were also added to serve as storage for books and other belongings.

Sleeping/Lounge Area

Notice the absence of a wardrobe in the area? RG got creative with a wooden planks and pipes to create a makeshift wardrobe at the foot of the bed. This corner can be utilized to keep clothes, bags, and other essentials organized.

Dining/Work Nook

Since the designer believes in working with the "big rocks" first, he didn't hold back on the pieces used in the dining/work nook. A seven foot mirror was paired with an eight-foot bar to make the small space functional. We all know the magic of mirrors—it can help make tight spaces look bigger and in this home, it reflects the wallpaper, thereby creating symmetry and depth.

Look up and see the blacked out high ceiling, too. This design hack dissolves boundaries and makes the unit appear taller as well. Meanwhile, to create the coffee shop/bar feel of the space, two movable bar stools were added as extra seating.

Dining/Work Nook

Aside from the whimsical lights attached to the mirror, pendant lamps also add a warm, intimate glow to this part of the home. "The lamps provide subtle divisional and dimensional characteristics to the unit. The green vintage pendant lamp purchased in Thailand has a wide diameter that serves as functional illumination for reading and meals.

Storage Detail

A find from SM Home, this storage must-have has multiple compartments for different belongings like extra clothes, shoes, and toiletries. The surface on top can be used to hold decor and more books. Adding plants in srategic also adds a refreshing and welcoming vibe.

Storage Detail

Hooks and wall-mounted shelves serve as organizers for bags, snacks, and other food items.

Meet the designer and learn more about the space in the video below:

Ready for your own makeover? Get in touch with designer RG Rosso through Instagram—@rosso_design. You can also e-mail him: rg_rosso[at]

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