Antique pieces add Vintage Charm to a New House

Decorating a family home with warm neutrals and earthy colors

Original Article: Kat von Einsiedel Photography: Miguel Nacianceno Styling: Issa Villar

A newly-built home is often a shell without character. To make the home unique and special, a design professional can add personalized touches to the space.

The project of interior designer Anna Leah Hernandez provides clues on how to create warmth. With the use of wood and stone and the right combination of precious antiques and modern furniture, an inviting style was created.

Original article by Kat von Einsiedel. Styling by Issa Villar. Photography by Miguel Nacianceno.

Read the original article ("Half and Half") in the September 2010 issue of Real Living Magazine. To download a digital copy of Real Living Magazine, visit Summit Newsstand at

Front Door

Personalize the front door with a unique door handle, such as the one used for this entrance.

Living Area

Upon entering, one immediately notices the paintings on the living room wall. Hints of orange and green spill out to the pillows and the upholstery of a wooden bench. A stone wall underscores the color scheme. For versatility, it's recommended to stick to mostly earthy, neutral shades.


Large open spaces can lose their impact if they aren't properly lit. Consider a mix of natural light and electric lighting for important areas, such as this mezzanine.

Living to Terrace

Don't be afraid to mix modern pieces with antiques. A family's heirloom collection can be bolstered with newly acquired finds from thrift stores and junk shops.

Dining Area

Make startling juxtapositions. The dining room pulls this off by pairing a modern table by designer Kenneth Cobonpue with heirloom trays and artwork. A stone wall anchors the color palette to mostly earthy tones.


For variation, keep the kitchen free from antiques and dark-colored finishes. This modern kitchen with a bar-like attachment on the counter-top was designed and installed by professionals.

Study Hall

Loud colors can be introduced to an earthy and neutral color scheme. This study area on the second floor dishes out vibrant hues on a console table and a ref from Smeg's retro line of ice chests.


Place things in their proper order. A stylized bookshelf can hold books and other objects.

Green Room

Bedrooms should be more muted than the rest of the house. Because they are personal spaces, a bedroom should be applied with colors that speak to the personality of the inhabitant. This room is dominated by the complementary hues of light orange and green.

Gray Room

Produce a faux brick wall by piecing together cutouts of Hardiflex. Create the illusion of mortar by using white cement mixed with glue. As a finishing touch, paint the entire surface in one color. A neutral palette makes this room easy to furnish. You can put anything here and it will work.

Kid's room

Give a child free reign to decorate his room. While the headboard was designed to be just that, a creative child can transform it into a fun memorabilia wall.


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