An Eclectic 1960s House Gets a Style Update Post-Typhoon

The need to repair an ancestral home ravaged by Typhoon Ondoy gives way to tweak its design as well

Original Article: Kathleen Valle Photography: Miguel Nacianceno Pictorial Direction: Gwyn GS Guanzon

After Typhoon Ondoy wreaked havoc on the Valdez home—which was built in the 1960s—in 2009, it took him six months to fully pick up the pieces. Fortunately, the homeowner didn’t have to start from scratch, as the house was blessed with nimble bones. The groved ceiling was still intact — “Lucky for us, hardwood ‘yan [ceiling of the first floor]. Kung plywood ‘yan, wala, sirayan,” the homeowner says. His parents' and his own collections of old furniture and décor weathered the disaster, though there were also some casualties.

The homeowner decided to hit two birds with one stone with the repair of his house. From a practical standpoint, he needed to refurbish and replace accents and furniture and do some major and minor repairs; but he also decided to freshen up the house’s style with a palette consisting of subdued shades of green, blue, yellow, and bits of orange. His artistic flair was put to good use with the addition of a few curious and furniture pieces and updating the look of some fixtures and furnishings, such as muting the colors of the ceiling and staircase. “I find the subtle colors soothing for me now.”

Original article by Kathleen Valle. Pictorial direction by Gwyn GS Guanzon. Photographed by Miguel Nacianceno.

Read the original article (“Project: Revival”) in the June 2011 issue of Real Living Magazine. To download a digital copy of Real Living Magazine, visit Summit Newsstand at

Living Area

The jalousie windows truly bespoke a 1960s vibe, but the wooden frames kill the potential of them making the room feel antiquated. The ceiling, repainted white, boasts of a skylight made of recycled glass panels. Warner had four installed since it used to be really dark as early as 4 p.m.

Living Area Detail

A vibrant, huge painting anchors the room, which is filled with wooden accents such as the solihiya rocking chair, the trunk-like side table that functions as a coffee table, and the plaid-upholstered daybed Warner personally designed, made of reclaimed yakal. The Art Deco hanging lamp complements the other floor and table lamps placed strategically to bathe the space with cozy lighting.


The jalousie windows make good use of natural sunlight, swathing this cozy corner with a warm glow. Ambassador chairs and a coffee table from Cebu are the only furniture pieces, while the vintage chandelier lends an elegant flair. Framed artworks line the space underneath the pocket rock garden on the window.

Dining Area

Sliding glass doors lead to the dining area, which also has skylights to filter in natural sunlight—a fabulous energy-saving trick. Flanking the old narra dining table are a bench and solihiya chairs that belonged to Warner’s grandfather (their backrests even have his lolo’s initials).

Dining Area Detail

Varying shades of blue lend a pop of color, such as the runner and the cabinet that displays décor treasures from Warner’s parents. The wooden door with stained glass in green and blue is the perfect finishing touch to this artistic space.


Unused spaces are great for displaying knickknacks. A red birdcage, huge brass artworks, an antique jar, and a vintage hanging artwork set against brick tiles and jalousie floor-to-ceiling windows make for an interesting tableau.


The staircase, which used to be all orange, now sports a white railing, in keeping with Warner’s desire to tone down his renovated home’s hues. The nude paintings, which weren’t spared by Ondoy—adorn the staircase walls, turning the space into a makeshift art gallery.


Warner’s personal space is more modern than the rest of the house, but still displays his penchant for the eclectic and the unusual. The plaid headboard mimics the daybed’s upholstery, and the wall behind it holds some pieces from his extensive art collection. Shades of soothing green and subdued oranges make the room a welcome respite from city chaos.

Bedroom Detail

From Warner's room, a walk-in closet of sorts can be accessed. It also serves as an additional storage room.

Extra Room

The extra room highlights a bright vibe with the different colors used. Apart from the orange walls, the cabinets are painted green. These cabinets with drawers are perfect for storing essentials. Meanwhile, framed photographs and other knickknacks are displayed -- adding character to the space.

Work Area

The other half of Warner’s spacious bedroom functions as a work zone. Maximize the use of natural sunlight by placing the desk by the window. A patterned rug can pep up commonplace flooring, while the bamboo chair prevents the space from being too utilitarian.

Outdoor Area

Quiet time is best enjoyed in this pocket of peace just outside the house. It gives one a view of the surroundings, too.

Coffee with a View

Afternoons are made more cozy and memorable with sunlight streaming in coupled with a view of the outdoors. This space is perfect for bonding moments over coffee and sweets.


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