Alden Richards's Two-Storey House in Laguna

It took 10 months to renovate the property that sits on a 300sqm lot

Original Article: Jocelyn Valle and Gabby Reyes Libarios Photography: Rene Mejia

After years of hard work and perseverance, Alden Richards and his family now have a house they can proudly call their own. Found in an exclusive village in Laguna, the two-storey home features a modern look—with bright, open, and clean areas. Built by its original owner (the actor bought it an affordable price!), the house sits on a combined lot, with Alden opting for a renovation project to update the space and make it his own.

He worked with an architect and an interior designer to make a few adjustments—trusting them to make the right calls for the property. “At least forty percent, I was hands-on with the construction. Ako rin namili ng furniture. Mukhang okey naman,” he shares. After a 10-month renovation period, Alden admits that the house can still be improved. For now, the actor is relishing the joy of having his own place and the fact that his grandparents can sleep soundly in their own room.


Grand and imposing—the home’s façade is a sight to see. Aside from being captivated by the plants and tress within the property, the home’s structure will surely catch the attention of passersby. It is completed with sturdy posts, bricks, and concrete tiles as roofing. Alden notes the tower-like structure of the house, too—an element that he wants to maintain.

Living and Dining Areas

Neutrals and light colors dominate the living and dining areas. The living area is cozy and inviting—with an off-white couch, fluffy pillows, a striking floor lamp, and glass-topped tables with wooden support. The coffee table is from a furniture maker in Tagaytay City. Since the house was shot before Christmas, a beautiful and well-decorated tree stands in a corner.

Living Area

Neutral-colored drapes dress up the windows, with sheer curtains letting in natural light.

Dining Area

Eight people can eat comfortably in the dining area. The customized dining table was purchased from the same furniture maker. It features a glass table top and a solid wood base. Look up and see the enchanting wire chandelier that illuminates the space. Reminiscent of wooden twigs, it gives the space a whimsical feel. Meanwhile, the sliding glass doors beside the dining area lead to the lanai and garden.

Bar Area

Prior to the renovation, the staircase used to be in the middle—with no wall concealing the kitchen. To remedy this, Alden asked the architect to move the stairs to the corner. A wall was built and the resulting space allowed for the addition of a mini bar. 

Bar Area

Two upholstered bar stools serve as seating pieces, while drinks and décor pieces are neatly displayed on shelves and racks.


According to the actor’s beloved Lola, the cooking area is still a work in progress. Alden plans to work on the overhead cabinets. Spacious and filled with storage options, the kitchen is a place where Alden’s Lola and other relatives can cook comfortably and move around freely.

Aside from having enough space for meal preparation, the generous countertops also hold a variety of small appliances. Complementing the light-colored walls are dark laminates seen on the cabinets and cupboards.


On the second floor is a family den where photographs and keepsakes are on display. With two comfy sofas and a bunch of pillows, it’s the best spot where Alden and his siblings can bond over movies, TV shows, and video games. Meanwhile, a corner is dedicated to Alden’s mother, Rosario. A side table holds her photograph, a vase of flowers, and an urn that holds her ashes.

Second Floor Veranda

Directly above the home’s entrance is the calming veranda with a view of the outdoors. Furnished with cushioned seats, a table for snacks and refreshments, and a hanging chair—it’s ideal for admiring the view, taking a break, and simply savoring quiet time.

Alden's Bedroom

Alden’s private space is a guy’s dream. With minimal décor, it’s furnished only with an inviting bed, a recliner, and tons of space for his superhero collection. As seen in the photo, he is a huge fan of Iron Man.

Completing the bedroom is an altar with a statuette of Our Lady of Lourdes, a family heirloom. It also has a rosary blessed by Pope Francis, a silver Holy Cross, a wooden crucifix from Jerusalem, a Saint Benedict’s medallion, and an image of the Holy Family.

Alden's Bedroom

The actor left the walls in his bedroom bare for a cleaner look and for a purpose. He plans to display more collections—including a couple of Avengers’ collector pieces. On top of his TV, an open shelf holds his Game of Thrones vinyl figures given by fans.

Walk-in Closet

An organized closet leads to Alden’s T&B. His shoes are kept in boxes and these are neatly placed on shelves. Alden credits the neatness of his room to Ate Virgy, a trusted housekeeper who has been with the family for years.


Simple and functional, Alden’s T&B has gray marble tiles and a strip of mosaic tiles as accent. The white fixtures and towels keep the look pristine and relaxing, too.


The lanai is furnished with welcoming cushioned seats and a coffee table that holds décor pieces. It can be accessed through the sliding door in the dining area or through the house’s main gate. With its relaxing ambiance, Alden and his loved ones will surely enjoy having merienda with a view.

Alden hired a landscape artist to work on the garden. While his Lola takes care of watering the plants, a gardener visits regularly to prune the plants and get rid of weeds.

Facade at nighttime

Alden confesses his love for the South—it’s accessible and it’s near different establishments. He doesn’t mind the long commute to and from work, too. “Moving into the city was never an option. The south will always be home for me,” he quips.

Read the original article in the January 2017 issue of YES! Magazine. To download a digital copy of YES!, visit Summit Newsstand at

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