A Three-Bedroom Townhouse with French Accents

After experimenting with various themes, stylist Pam Quinones finally settles down in her personal space with neo-classic French pieces and solid shades of black, white, and gray

Original Article: Tisha Alvarez Photography: Miguel Nacianceno Pictorial Direction: Arlene Sy

As someone who works in and with fashion every day, stylist Pam Quinones is no stranger to mixing and matching contrasting looks. Yet, after seeing her friend’s carefully decorated flat, Pam finally decided that she had had enough of her three-bedroom townhouse’s design schizophrenia—a frustrating confluence of Mediterranean and retro modern. “I wanted the overall look to be French but a mix of old and new, intriguing yet welcoming and not have it look like a museum,” says Pam.

The renovation required Pam to search for the style that best suited her lifestyle and personality. Determining her home’s palette was easy, as Pam has always been drawn to black, white, and gray. “They are my favorite colors when it comes to fashion. They remind me of the chic women on the streets of Paris.” When it came to décor, lighting, and furniture, Pam highlights these: a 70s large black sofa from the US that she had reupholstered, distressed wooden pieces, an Arte Espanol chandelier, and lighting fixtures befitting a “high-end fashion boutique.” “Finding the perfect light fixtures was a huge challenge. It took me weeks. Matching the style to the size of the ceiling to the wattage of the bulb to its color was like solving a puzzle,” she says. “I’ve come to terms with some limitations, one being not all lighting options planned were possible due to the building’s structure. I had to let go and search for new options.” 

Original article by Tisha Alvarez. Pictorial direction by Arlene Sy. Photographed by Miguel Nacianceno. 

Read the original article ("French Revolution”) in the June 2009 issue of Real Living Magazine. To download a digital copy of Real Living Magazine, visit Summit Newsstand at 

Living Area

The first thing to catch the eye is the framed toile fabric, which blends beautifully with the massive sofa and matching armchair, a chair fashioned out of antique wood and custom-made by Calma, and the glass-topped coffee table with a capital base. The area is actually a collection of antiques, bargain buys, and modern innovations.


The bookshelf by the Living Area is also a welcome addition to the space. It blends well with the other pieces.

Dining Area

The dining area is actually a mishmash of elements: wrought-iron chandeliers, a reupholstered bench and dining chairs, distressed wooden chairs, French curtains, and a patterned wall in black, white, and gray. The resulting vibe is one that’s fancy yet still friendly.

Dining Area Detail

The dining area gives off a classy, elegant French vibe. The curtains give the space a cozy, homey touch.


“I adore my spanking new black granite kitchen. I don’t cook yet, but this makes me want to learn how,” says Pam. The see-through glass cupboards allows for easier access, combining form and function, while the golden pulls and antique side table lend a French flair to the space.

Vintage Touch

The table near the short flight of stairs highlights a painting, a couple of photo frames and a vintage lamp.


As a stylist, Pam is used to mixing and matching different trends and prints to create a look that’s totally unique. The key is to have solid colors as your base. In her bedroom, which sports a mostly black-and-white motif, she marries an animal print throw with black and white beddings.

Understated Elegance

The other room is accentuated by a sunflower painting and a catchy hanging lighting fixture that gives the space an elegant vibe.

Accent Pieces

To keep up with the house's theme, classic pieces such as this painting and this classy console are found within.

European Flair

All it takes is one centerpiece and a few subtle touches to complete a setup that goes with the house’s overall theme. In Pam’s mom’s bedroom, a framed print that’s reminiscent of the Elizabethan era is the standout piece, complemented by an old-fashioned table lamp, dark chocolate walls, and a purple ottoman. The look is both regal and romantic.

Lilac Wall

The lilac wall is a stroke of creative genius as the shade complements the black, white, and gray palette of Pam’s home. The shabby chic-esque Dimensione cabinet goes beautifully with the stenciled framed mirror and pair of sconces. The white lamp provides a soft glow, while the heavy black door keeps the room from looking too dainty.


Even the bathroom stays true to the townhouse’s French theme: a distressed bathroom cabinet, a framed print, and warm lighting make this space both luxe and cozy at the same time.


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