A Home with a View in Las Pinas

Wood, glass, and concrete details blend beautifully to create this tropical home for a young family

Photography: Jun Pinzon Architect: Arch. Jerry Isles

How do you make a tropical Asian home stand out in a tropical Asian-themed subdivision? The key is in the detail, says architect Jerry Isles, who designed this home for a couple and their teenage daughter.

The open layout characteristic of modern tropical homes proved to be a perfect match for the homeowners, who expressed their preference for a “light and airy” atmosphere. Among their other requests are a big guest room and family room.

On the ground floor, the kitchen, living, and dining areas flow seamlessly. Wood furniture pieces complement the dark window frames, while the glass doors with sliding insect screen doors lead to the landscaped garden outside. Tall windows allow natural light to come in, making it unnecessary to turn on the lights during the day, except in the toilet and bath areas. Architect Isles considers this a big advantage, plus, it also eliminates the need for air conditioning particularly in the living and dining areas.

From the outside, the façade, which boasts of eye-catching detail, combines wood and limestone to create a beautiful contrast. Without a main gate, the floating staircase and neatly trimmed garden leading to the huge swing door set the stage for the home’s frontage.

As far as the homeowners are concerned, the best part about living in a tropical-themed home is being able to enjoy the view from wherever they are inside the house. And it’s just the way they like it.


The outstanding features of the façade make the home look taller. The vertical cladding made of travertine (a form of limestone) accentuates the structure’s height, while at the same time providing color contrast. Another element that balances the vertical orientation of the cladding is the dark horizontal slate.

Door and Foyer

A hotel-like feel is replicated in the entryway. The main swing door is 2.5 meters high, with a thickness of three inches. The limestone frame, together with floor light accents, highlights the wooden door’s height, especially at night. 

Living Area

The high ceiling was a specific request of the homeowners. The contemporary spiral chandelier is the focal point of the living area, complementing the wood furniture set from Philux. Some of the Filipino art pieces from their previous home are set on the tabletop.

Living Area Detail

The cantilevered stairs leading to the second floor are made of ironwood, while the handles are supported by tubular frames. 

Living Area Detail

Window frames are made of aluminum with PVC coating, and combined with tempered glass. This mix of materials makes the house soundproof and weatherproof, and is ideally used for big sliding panels. The sliding insect screen doors from Forlin Q can easily be folded on the sides.

Living Area Detail

Tall windows create height and the illusion of a spacious layout. Blinds can easily be pulled down when the warm sun shines on this side of the house.


A splash of yellow plays up the white walls and cabinets with light wood finish. The breakfast nook is a favorite spot not just for the family, but for guests as well. Medium density fiberboards are used for the kitchen cabinets, together with glass and aluminum frames for a modern touch.  

Dining Area

The eight-seater dining set from Philux was among the first furniture pieces to be bought, setting the theme for the tropical home. The geometric chandelier provides a break from the all-wood theme, adding a modern touch to this often-used area.

Family Room

From the main entryway, a secret door leads to the family room. The door is made of wood with ribbon grain finish. This area houses the family’s various collections from their travels, and serves as the TV room. It has its own access to the guest bathroom.


The living and dining areas can easily be extended to the lanai, giving the impression that the space is larger than it really is. The garden outside instantly becomes part of the house, staying true to the concept of “bringing the outside in.”


The homeowners opted to do the landscaping on their own, going for minimalist types of plants that require less maintenance. Trees were planted in such a way that they are framed by the glass windows. 


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