A Clean and Calming Look for Radio DJ Joe D' Mango's Home

After a 6-week renovation period, an old house is transformed into a modern space

Original Article: Evelyn Thomas Photography: Miguel Nacianceno Styling: Gwyn GS Guanzon Architect: Rolando Sulit

A simple remodeling job turned into a total renovation can result in a breezy and beautiful home. In the home of Radio DJ Joe D' Mango (also known as Architect Rolando Sulit), the radio DJ began by updating the windows and the floors. Since the ceiling was already infested with termites, he also had to change the ceiling of the structure. 

For an airy and spacious feel, Joe had the walls removed to create open areas that his wife Bing and daughters Katrina, Anj, Karlene, and Mickey can enjoy. The brand new look is completed with pristine white walls and stained wooden elements and furniture. 

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Double doors reveal how this house was conceptualized. The bottom part was reserved for living and dining areas, while the upper floors were designed for bedrooms and an attic. Creating a floor plan can be easy if one has utility and aesthetics in mind.


A wide shot of the mezzanine reveals the melding of living and dining areas segregated from the more private spaces on the upper floors. The provision of wider walkways and high ceilings create an airy space for the stairs at the foyer area.


White walls expand the space of the living room. Light-colored furniture seems to float amid an area flooded with light. Clean lines delineate space and lead the eyes outwards, creating an illusion that the room is larger than it seems.


Search for ways to let the outdoors in. An eight-seater dining set with high back chairs provide a good venue for conversations and meetings. Proximity to a pocket garden allows one to refresh one's eyes.


Design a kitchen that gets things done with ease. A countertop that doubles as a breakfast nook and bar should remain clear of double-door fridge, oven and other implements. Meanwhile, kitchen supplies should be accessed easily through lightly frosted glass windows.


Dark-colored materials that absorb sound are best used for a home theater. The family need not venture to crowded malls because they can enjoy the benefits of private screening in their own home. To provide authenticity, theater seats can be sourced from local suppliers.


Set aside a room where the man of the house can pursue his hobbies. A workshop on the ground floor may contain various tools aside from those found in the garage. Shelves containing storage bins provide easy access to home maintenance materials.


A tour of the bedrooms on the second floor begins with the first of three rooms for girls. Immediately, one gets a sense of the preoccupation of the occupant. A corner holds a work desk and computer where songs can be mixed after a day of playing guitars.


Balance and order should be practiced when mounting displays. Using hooks don't obstruct one's view of these musical instruments. Clearly, design solutions are not one size fits all. Each situation may call for a customized innovation.


Imbuing rooms with personality depend on the wants and needs of their occupant. The spartan walls of the second girl's bedroom is broken with a single sentence: “Live Dream Dance Laugh Imagine Believe Hope Trust.” A custom-built make-up nook reveals the hobby of this daughter.


The simplest design ideas often make the most impact. The third girl's bedroom is a simple remodeling job where a drawing of a kimono-clad lady is stenciled on a wall.


Another simple idea with great impact can be found in a guest room. The purple paw prints not only accentuate the simple color scheme but they seem to extend the height of the ceiling.


The zest for remarkable design can be muted in one's own bedroom. The master bedroom lacks the verve of the children's rooms. Instead, austerity pervades the room with the only exception of an entertainment area with TV.


Make sure the powder room follows the house's aesthetic. For a clean airy look, opt for backlit mirrors and white toilet fixtures. Gleaming tiled floors ensure the look of a clean room.


While a bookshelf may provide hours of reading, a drum set serves as the focal point of the music room in the attic, a new addition to the house. When renovating, consider constructing an attic as an intimate locus for family activities.


Most guests will never tire of hanging out on the terrace. It's the perfect place to relax after a hard day's work. This is the reason why it's important to choose a property with a great view. An al fresco area may be built on the rooftop to provide space for partying, dining or simply relaxing.


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