A 68sqm Hotel-Like Haven with a Chic Color Palette

This home proves that the key to a beautiful space is having the courage to go out of your comfort zone

Photography: Jojo Gloria Interior Designer: Nicca Sarmiento

Nowadays, having a halfway home isn’t uncommon. While staying in a posh hotel is always a great experience, there's always something extra special about being welcomed into the comforts of your own place.

Owned by a family based in the Middle East, this condo unit is a result of consultations via Skype and long-distance phone calls. Since the owners and their three kids wanted to have a space they can call their own when they visit Manila, interior designer Nicca Sarmiento came up with a contemporary look that prioritizes function and comfort. An open layout was chosen for the common areas as the dining, living, and cooking spaces can be accessed with ease. The young designer also worked with the right mix of neutrals and textured furnishings to give the unit a vacation home vibe.

Dining Area

To make the space seem bigger and brighter, the homeowners opted to have floor-to-ceiling mirrors as wall cladding in the dining area. Framed art were added to keep the reflective surface from being too overpowering while doubling as statement pieces.

Living Area

Lazy afternoons and slow days are best enjoyed in the living area while catching up on movies and TV shows. To make this part of the house extra cozy, light yet eye-catching colors were chosen as these work well with the feature wall behind the sofa. Nature-inspired accessories were also added to match the view of the golf course.

Living Area

To save on floor space, a built-in wall shelving was chosen for the space. Aside from holding a few decor pieces, it keeps the entertainment system in place as well. The accessories used to adorn the shelf were sourced from different department stores, home depots, flea markets, and even online stores. Since these pieces vary in size and style, it allowed Nicca to create a layered display.

Living Area

The man of the house was not set on a plain, laminated accent panel for the living area. To add character to the space, they decided to groove the plywood and add silver-painted wood strips to mimic the effect of the mirrors in the dining area. 


To complement the white countertops that the lady of the house requested, Nicca chose tan-colored, high-gloss laminate modular kitchen cabinets that add a subtle hint of color to the space. They also used non-porous solid surfaces instead of natural stones for easier maintenance. 


A kitchen bar was added to keep with the laid-back vibe of the kitchen. When the family isn’t having breakfast or hanging out in this spot, it serves as a prep area for meals as the owners have a passion for cooking. 

Master Bedroom

Since the couple wanted a bedroom that is reminiscent of a hotel suite, they went for a fabric-upholstered headboard that gives the space a luxurious yet comfortable ambiance. They also tried to achieve a balance between feminine and masculine elements by using florals in shades of blue, white, and beige. 


While the homeowners asked Nicca to keep the bathroom as it is, she wanted to help them maximize the free wall space. The designer added extra cabinets for toiletries and other essentials.


The kids’ bedroom exudes a fresh and young vibe with pops of green scattered all over the room. The accent wall above the bed is painted with horizontal stripes. Aside from creating an illusion of space, it's also known to suggest the feeling of rest—making it a perfect choice for sleeping quarters.


To keep the room functional, the lady of the house wanted a shared study space where the kids can play or make arts and crafts during their downtime. Storage solutions were given priority to give them enough nooks for books and knickknacks.


The daybed in the kids' bedroom is a family favorite as it's the perfect spot for reading. It also allows them to admire the view of the sprawling golf course outside.


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