A 400sqm Quirky Yet Elegant Condo Unit

Bursts of color and modern Oriental elements make this halfway home the perfect weekend retreat

Original Article: Bubbles Salvador Photography: Dairy Darilag Styling: Dagny Madamba and Tala Singson

One look at this condo unit is enough for anyone to know that it is not your usual cozy home. From the double doors to the sprawling space (by high-rise living standards) and the eclectic decor, it's hard to believe that it just serves as a halfway home for a couple and their adult son. 

Even before the turnover of the unit, the homeowner—a fashionable lady with a vivacious personality—already had a vision in mind, so she immediately sought help from interior designer Hannah Acab-Faustino. Initially, the owner handed Hannah some books by Mary McDonald, a Los-Angeles based interior designer known for her timeless but kooky style, but Hannah wanted to take it to the next level by adding her own flair. 

Keeping the homeowner's preferences in mind, she started working on the designs but decided to add personal touches to make the space the family's own. In the end, they were left with a beautiful haven that is bright, colorful, and airy with out-of-the-box details—just as the homeowner pleased. 

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Living Area

Since the homeowner is fond of accent colors through decor, a neutral palette was used in the living room to keep the look balanced. According to interior designer Hannah Acab-Faustino, this is a great design strategy if you’re the type who switches preferences often. They also painted the double doors, wood trims, and molding white to make the place look extra spacious. 

Dining Area

To make the most of the open hallway, Hannah carved out a proper dining area by adding the couple's Oriental seats and cabinet in the room. The extra space, with help from the patterned wallpaper, gives a grand view of the perfect party setting. “The idea is to have pops of color around the house, but not for it to be everywhere,” she says.

Informal Dining Area

For the sitting area between the living room and the bedroom, the wallpaper of choice is the toile de jouy. This part of the house is made for more casual get-togethers, so Hannah and the homeowners decided to go with a more playful print to keep the space fun and inviting.  

Lounge Area

Since there is a lot of ground to cover, Hannah decided to build the homeowners a second lounge area. The seats are low, and the glass-top table has a slim base so as not to block the window view.

Master Bedroom

In the master bedroom, Hannah went for an interesting combination of tie-dye and small print patterns. Ranging from varnished wood to antique white, furniture finishes are anything but uniform. There is also an evident contrast in colors (yellow and teal) and mismatched wallpaper to add depth to the space. 

Bedroom Detail

Since the sleeping space is already quite busy, they decided to go minimal with the accessories in the bedroom. The mirrored surface on a chest reflects the color scheme and white accents across the space, too. 

Son's Bedroom

The shades of gray in this room give a hint that it belongs to the homeowner's son. Aside from being less bright-colored, the style is also younger and more contemporary. The headboard is made up of wood planks that were put together, and a Simpsons cartoon art is hung above it for a zany touch. 

Son's Work Area

"Wala siyang masyadong requirements except for a space to work," Hannah says. However, she decided to make the space functional by including things she thought he would need in the future. Extra shelves and overhead storage were added where he can organize his books or DVDs. 

Guest Bedroom

When there are no visitors, the guest bedroom serves as the homeowner’s second private space. The curtains can be hidden behind the headboard if one chooses to let the sunlight in. "It has that Tory Burch feel, unintentionally. The colors are still neutral, so you can change the look by changing beddings and accessories. It’s a very feminine room,” adds Hannah. 


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