A 36sqm Art Deco-themed Unit Breathes Sophistication and Nostalgia

A sea of gray with pops of color and geometric patterns do the trick

Photography: Ocs Alvarez/ACME Visual Productions Architect: Angelo Siochi Interior Designer: Erika Uichanco

“Art deco is an era of glamour, rich texture, and geometric architectural patterns. It is all about patterns, and [with this in mind,] we were able to choose the right pieces of furniture and decor to achieve a nostalgic art deco feel for the space's intended users: a couple fond of arts and travel,” architect Angelo Siochi speaks of the idea behind the design of the bedroom in this 36sqm unit at The Sapphire Bloc.

Angelo teams up with interior designer Erika Uichanco, who says the main lobby of the building was the inspiration behind her luxurious and elegant design of the living and dining areas. The result is a glorious combination of youthfulness and nostalgia in a comfortable yet functional setting.

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Dining Area

Smooth lines, minimal geometric shapes, and streamlined furniture make up Erika’s suave interpretation of the dining area. The interesting play of different shades of gray keeps the living and dining areas subdued and not overpowering. “We didn’t want to use black which would make the unit smaller,” Erika explains.

Dining Area

From this angle, one can see the intricate details in the dining area such as the studded Baldwin dining chairs from Mav Furniture, and the sleek textures, which create a luxurious vibe. The gold accent panel adds height and adorns an otherwise plain wall. “I chose a spacious, extendable dining table as most Filipino families usually spend a lot of time here and they can use it as a workspace as well,” Erika says.

Living Area

“The living and dining areas use streamlined pieces, as I wanted it to embody the lifestyle of both the husband and wife,” Erika says. The gray wall paint color from Boysen Paints works well with various colors, and with the addition of patterns and shapes, the art deco vibe is successfully achieved.

Living Area

Large-scale furniture is usually a ‘don’t’ in small spaces, but Erika says the trick is to balance it out. “At the end of the day, make sure your furniture and layout [are] as comfy yet functional, and address your needs.” The armchair from Habitat placed near the window is an ideal place to curl up and read a book, or for doing crafts. The sleek, angular shelving system is also from Habitat. 

Living Area

A linear art installation from Habitat has a mid-century feel, as do the textured velvet Chester sofa from Habitat, lacquer and polished wood and metals, plus an area rug with a rhythmic pattern. Notice the nifty side table also from Habitat, which doubles as a wine rack. The beautiful monochromatic rug is from Decoliving Manila.


Angelo describes, “We combined the palette colors of art deco with dark gray to achieve an intimate ambiance to the bedroom, and added blue and gold yellow to give it life and color. The main design results in a nostalgic vintage art deco-inspired bedroom.” The beautiful padded fabric bed from Harver Hill has classic art deco lines. 


Decorative pieces and lighting (the pendant lamp is Flos from Steltz) were carefully chosen to achieve a vintage look to marry with the art deco theme of the room. Not one detail was left out, from the ceiling’s painted ribbon detail to the geometric pattern on the rug to the textured bedspread. The sculptural ceramic stool at left is from FinoPino. 


“The bed is the focal point where the main design revolves. It became the basis for the ‘his and hers’ concept while still connecting the couples' personalities and likes,” Angelo says. “We like designing bedrooms as it presents an opportunity to show the personalities of the client. It is also the most intimate part of the house.”


What Angelo likes best about designing bedrooms is the challenge of putting things together in a surprising way to show the individual personalities of the owners. “The bed becomes their meeting point, with one side belonging to the wife, and the other to the husband. They may have different personalities made cohesive with their combined preferences,” Angelo adds.


Personal items were also used to complete the bedroom’s nostalgic vintage vibe. These include a leather suitcase stylishly placed atop an ottoman with a geometric pattern.

In creating the living and dining areas, Erika chose the main pieces from Habitat and Mav. The terrarium from ADA Philippines was used to add warmth to the unit. Additional accessories are from Crate and Barrel, and the area rug is from Decoliving.

For the bedroom, Angelo handpicked the bed from Harver Hill, and paired it with accessories from Crate and Barrel and A11. Lighting is from Steltz, and the bedside table and chairs are from FinoPino.

This unit was designed as part of this year’s Real Living Space at the Sapphire Bloc by Robinsons Land in Ortigas. To learn more about Real Living’s signature event, visit

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