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Iya Villania Finally Explained Why She Keeps Saying That The New Casa Arellano Is A Tiny Home

Iya puts it firmly, "It really is [a tiny home]. You'll understand when you see it."


Iya Villania finally cleared the air about why she and Drew Arellano keep calling their recently completed Casa Arellano in Taytay, Rizal a tiny home.

The 37-year-old host and mom of four shared photos of their new home on Instagram on March 8. She said she is happy with how their house turned out and flexed the women who helped make it happen.


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"Shout out to these beautiful women who made this tiny home dream come to life. I know not many can finish a build/renovation and say that they loved their team by the end of it, but I was really blessed with these girls. No headaches with these guys," Iya wrote. 

Grateful to their house's architect and interior designer, she added, "I mean, come on… how often does the actual build look even better than the render?!"

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'It's not a tiny home'

In the comment section, celebrities like Chesca Kramer, Coleen Garcia, and Angelica Panganiban admired the Arellanos' new home and looked forward to visiting it. Smart Parenting editor-at-large Rica Peralejo Bonifacio even said, "Ready na kami."




Some of Iya's friends remarked that the house is very Australian, "OMG amazing! It’s like you took a Sydney home and plopped it in Manila!"


"The house wasn’t designed to be lived in anyway, so that’s okay.

As seen in the photos and the perspectives, the Casa Arellano is situated on top of a slope, overlooking Metro Manila.



There is a wide play area and a cozy kitchen. 


watch now


Some of Iya's followers just had to say, "It baffles me that you call this a tiny home."

Another one said, "Please don’t call it tiny [because] it’s not."



One user argued, "Calling it a tiny home is an insult for those who actually have tiny homes, but anyways congrats on your not-so-tiny house."


Finally, Iya explained, "The house itself is tiny! I promise! Not even trying to be humble. The kitchen is outside and there are no rooms, but the house wasn’t designed to be lived in anyway, so that’s okay."

What is a tiny house anyway?

According to Ryan Mitchell, creator of The Tiny Life and author of the book Tiny House Living: Ideas For Building and Living Well In Less than 400 Square Feet, the concept of the tiny house movement is about simplifying, downsizing your home, and living with less. 

In terms of size, a typical tiny house measures between 100 to 400 square feet or about 9 sqm to 37 sqm.

However, there aren’t any rules to joining the tiny house movement. The point is the tiny house movement offers a new way for people to live their lives. 

"[Tiny houses] offer a path to a smaller environmental footprint, greater financial freedom, and ultimately a self-sufficient life. The tiny home movement enables you to live a life on your own terms," says Mitchell.


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Although they spent New Year's here, In one of their podcasts, Iya and Drew explained that they will still stay in their condominium unit, and will not ever move into this new home. Read more about it here.

In another comment, Iya puts it firmly, "It really is [a tiny home]. You’ll understand when you see it."

We'll be waiting for a house tour then, Iya and Drew!


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