This Family’s Dream Home Was Five Years in the Making

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When Jhelyn and her husband started saving up for their home five years ago, she already had an idea of what it would look like. She wanted it to be clean and homey, with a spacious backyard and a jacuzzi, to boot!

"When I come home, I want to feel like I’m on vacation or staying in a hotel. I also want to have plenty of storage because I don’t want clutter," she shares with With these things in mind, she looked for pegs on Pinterest, which she then shared with ZAYIN Architects.

After almost a year of construction, Jhelyn’s vision came to life. The 402sqm, two-storey home with mezzanine has four bedrooms, a powder room, three bathrooms, a family area, two kitchens, and a study room, to name a few. Of course, there’s also a spacious outdoor area with a jacuzzi, too. The family’s home is proof that some things are definitely worth the wait.

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Take a peek inside the home below:



During her discussions with the architect, Jhelyn emphasized how she wanted to incorporate white or black marble, wood, and black accents into the final look. You can see these elements showcased on the home’s exterior.

The façade features a sleek and modern aesthetic with the balance of stone, wood, and glass. From this angle, you can also see the roomy balcony where the owners can hang out during their free time.

Main Door

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Upon entrance to the property, guests will be greeted by a garden on the left near the main door and a two-car garage on the right. During the house’s blessing, the owners were able to turn the garage into a dining space for their guests.

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Dining Area

Jhelyn says that their house doesn’t follow the layout often applied to Filipino homes. "I was told the layout was European-inspired because from the foyer, you have the main kitchen on the right and the dining area on the left. I preferred this because we were able to locate the receiving or living area near the lanai," she explains.

Pocket Garden


Instead of leaving the space under the stairs empty, they decided to create a small pocket garden with stones and low-maintenance indoor plants. The simple yet calming setup adds a sense of Zen to the home.

Living Area

Jhelyn was very hands-on when it came to sprucing up the areas of the home. The living area, located near the lanai, is furnished with plush seating pieces and two accent chairs that add pops of color to the space. Meanwhile, the chosen drapes that liven up the sliding doors leading to the lanai add a touch of elegance.

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The lady of the house loves her all-white and spacious kitchen. She shares, "I’ve always dreamed of a white kitchen with an island and tons of modular cabinets."

The cabinets feature a laminated finish in glossy white. They also made sure there were enough drawers to keep clutter at bay. According to the owner, the countertops and kitchen island were made of Calacatta quartz because it’s durable and beautiful. Most of the décor pieces were bought from Shopee.


Family Area

Aside from spending time outdoors, the family can also enjoy movie nights in the family area furnished with an inviting sofa and a bar area. They also have the option of entertaining guests here.

Seating Area

A short flight of steps leads to a seating area anchored by a carpet. Suffice it to say, the family will never run out of nooks where they can relax and pass the time. The area is completed with matching accent chairs, a gray sofa, and a nesting coffee table.

Opting for neutral-colored furniture pieces makes it easier for them to bring in furnishings in bright colors to liven up the space. Also found on this level is a small altar.


A captivating lighting piece highlights the home’s high ceiling as well.

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The bedrooms in the house will remind you of vacations and staying in posh hotel suites. This room in particular features a chic headboard that spans the width of the wall, warm lighting, and side tables serving as storage.

At the foot of the bed is a velvet seating piece and a stool, as well as a TV area defined by open shelves.

Boys’ Bedroom

While she loves every area in their home, Jhelyn has a soft spot for her kids’ room. "When I was a child, it was my dream to have a bunk bed, so I made sure my sons would have something similar," she says. The 24sqm room can accommodate not just the boys but their friends as well, should they want to have sleepovers.


The bedroom has plenty of storage as Jhelyn was very particular about it. The steps leading to the top bunks double as storage units. To maximize the space, there’s also a study area and a window seat.

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Master Bedroom 

"I opted for a wooden wall cladding to create a warm and homey feel, then contrasted it with marble-like accent tiles. I wanted the room to be easy on the eyes without losing its warmth. Since it’s humid here in our country, I don’t want our bedroom to look and feel cramped," Jhelyn explains.

The marble-like tiles create an accent wall behind the TV that defines this part of the room. Jhelyn made sure to polish off the look with chic soft furnishings.

Master Bathroom

What better way to complement a hotel-like bedroom than with an inviting T&B? The countertops feature Calacatta quartz, while the fixtures complete the modern look. The owners chose to have concealed water closets to achieve a clean and streamlined aesthetic.


Meanwhile, a glass enclosure with sliding doors separates the shower and bathtub area. Jhelyn handpicked all of the fixtures and the bathtub, completing the T&B.

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Walk-in Closet

The walk-in closet houses clothes, shoes, and bags. Having enough compartments allows the owners to properly store and organize their essentials, making it easier for them to maintain the space.

Home Office

The home office also works as a study area. It’s completed with a built-in desk with drawers to save on floorspace and a big shelf with cabinets where supplies can be kept.


Plants that complement the home’s surroundings serve as the balcony’s focal point. The owners can lounge here during cool afternoons and even enjoy some snacks.

Outdoor Kitchen


The owners have the option of cooking here instead of inside the house, especially if they are expecting many guests. Aside from completing it with a spacious countertop, there are also cabinets and shelves where ingredients and utensils can be stored.

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Lanai and Jacuzzi Area

Instead of having a pool, Jhelyn opted to have a jacuzzi since she enjoys hot baths more. To maintain their privacy, she also requested high walls to surround their home.

To make the lanai even more inviting, she added ceiling fans, seating pieces, and fairy lights that give off a warm glow at night.

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