This Bunker Pad Was Designed to Withstand an 'Apocalypse'

If you're a fan of doomsday movies, then you'll love taking a peek inside this unique home

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If you’ve ever been a fan of zombie or doomsday movies, then you might want to take your cue from Anthony, a condo dweller who chose to build his own “apocalypse-proof” abode.

Just like many of us when the pandemic hit, Anthony was initially anxious and wanted a haven. That’s when he chose to have his own space away from the noise.

Naisip ko ‘tong pagawa nung pandemic kasi sobrang crazy ng nangyayarisobrang natakot ako,” Anthony tells the OG team. “Naisip ko maghanap ako ng place na puwede akong magpatayo ng simpleng bahay tapos medyo quiet, ‘saka medyo maluwag-luwag.”

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Enter the bunker pad

Fortunately, Anthony found an affordable lot in his old village and employed the help of contractor friends to get started with the construction. It would only take three months for his 30-square-meter bunker pad to be finished.


Anthony’s home is anything but the usual. From the outside, it’s a black cube that in the beginning concerned his neighbors.

Nung unanatatakot kasi nagtataka sila bakit daw black,” he shares. “Tapos yung shape niya parang box lang siya so ayunnaintriga sila.”

Anthony drew inspiration from dugout shelters, zombie apocalypses, and the Doomsday Preppers series.

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Na-inspire ako magpagawa ng ganong concept na parang safe na safe ka talaga in case may gulomeron kang puwedeng takbuhan,” Anthony says. “At the same time, puwede rin siyang crash pad, rest house, bakasyunan, or anytime na gusto kong pumunta ditomagpahinga. Kasi sa city medyo maingay, e, and sobrang crowded.”

“Bunker pad parang safe na safe ka talaga sa loob,” he adds. “Puwede mo siyang iwanmay konting peace of mind ka. Hindi siya basta-basta mapapasok.”

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Modern-industrial home


Inside, Anthony’s house is a modern, functional, and inviting home that reflects his many interests. His favorite movie posters adorn a wall in one corner, and displayed on a shelf are his car models and even a special knife that his dad gave. Almost all areas of Anthony’s home feature matte black elements, which was intentional for its no-nonsense and practical feel. The main doors are made of bulletproof steel for protection.

Puwede ko na ring gamitin pang-security, in case na may intruder o kaya zombie,” he explains.

The kitchen, similarly, features eye-catching accents, like the Japanese restaurant banners over the sink, colorful fridge magnets, and souvenirs from provinces he’s visited. A fan of safety, Anthony uses an induction stove as he finds gas ranges potentially dangerous. A step away is a picnic table-style dining table by a window barred with railings for added security. The bathroom, meanwhile, features a transparent glass door decorated with colorful stickers.


A sofa bed serves as Anthony’s chill-out area, which he unfolds for guests. Up a small flight of stairs is his bunk bed where he sleeps.

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Pros and cons

All in all, Anthony spent P2.5 million on the lot and P650,000 on the construction of the house. To those who want a similar house, Anthony is all praises when it comes to his bunker pad’s practicality, affordability, and its being low-maintenance. But he does admit that during the summertime, it gets so hot because of its color that he has to turn the air-conditioner on.


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