This 23sqm Cabin Can Sleep 6 People Comfortably

Designed like a hotel room, the small space features a loft-type sleeping space, storm shutters, and well-thought-out finishes

Photography: courtesy of Studio GRAAR Architect: GRAAR Interior Designer: GRAAR

From afar, you wouldn’t think this 23sqm cabin in Naga City can accommodate six people or more. It’s easy to assume it’s a compact space meant for two, but the architects behind Studio GRAAR made sure a family can completely relax in the house.

Found within the same farm lot where the villa we previously featured also stands, the cabin functions as a private sleeping space. 


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“Given that the villa serves as the common areas for the families, they envisioned each family to have their own sleeping quarters around the farm. This cabin is the first one of those built,” explains architect Allie Principe of Studio GRAAR. Allie and her partner, architect Lando Cusi, worked on the design of the cabin which takes inspiration from the humble shed.

Since the architects weren’t able to visit the site during the construction phase, they once again relied on architect Angelo Reyes to oversee the project. While the finishing took longer than expected and became more labor-intensive, it was worth it in the end. Though compact, the cabin looks airy and welcoming – thanks to the expert use of glass and wooden materials.

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One more thing to love about the space? It uses solar panels as the main source of electricity. “The energy can power all the electrical needs of the cabin, save for the water heater in the bathroom,” Allie shares.

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Learn more about the captivating cabin below:

Structural Detail

Inspired by the humble shed, the cabin looks simple from the outside but it has details that are nothing short of amazing. “We thought of a simple rectangular volume to contain all of the necessary spaces inside, and the straightforward roof shape allowed for just enough space for a loft area and easy draining of rainwater,” the architect explains.


Façade Detail

To complement the exterior of the villa, the architects decided to keep the cabin’s exterior simple as well. However, since there are more blank walls, they chose to line the exterior walls with vertical grooves to give it more texture instead of a plain flat finish.


The whole exterior highlights the use of a single, neutral color to maintain a cohesive look.

Mahogany wood was used for the eaves of the roof, similar to what’s done in the villa.

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“We still wanted to have a connection between the indoor and outdoor spaces so we made sure each space inside received enough natural light,” says Allie. A glass door takes the spotlight in the entrance and paired with big windows.

From the door, a desk/work area can be seen on the left while the loft-type sleeping space is on the right.


Living/Extra Sleeping Area

Who wouldn’t fall in love with classic jalousie windows? The architects added jalousie windows at the rear to give the users a view of the pineapples grown just behind the cabin.


A built-in shelf holds the TV completing the living area. Freeing up some floor space allows the owners to bring in many plants and keep the cabin from looking cramped.

Storage Center

“Since the cabin is right next to the villa, we didn’t need to provide a kitchen or a dining space in the design,” Allie says. Designed like a hotel room, the cabin has bed spaces, a T&B, and the integrated closet with a bar fridge that’s seen beside the sofa bed. It can serve as storage for food supplies or even a coffee corner.


When it’s time to call it a day, the sofa bed can accommodate two to three people.

Desk/Work Area


If one of the family members need to catch up on work, he or she can use the work area as his or her temporary office. This corner of the cabin is well-maximized as the design team chose to furnish it with a sleek desk and a modern chair.

Sleeping Area


The shape of the roof allowed the architects to incorporate a loft area. A unique, modern ladder leads to the top sleeping space which goes well with the mostly wooden materials.

The loft sleeping area also has its own windows to open it up and keep it from looking confined.


Storm Shutters

Since the property is found in a typhoon-prone area, being prepared is a must. “To protect the cabin from strong winds and typhoons, we used corrugated roofing sheets on metal framing mounted on sliding rails for the storm shutters. We oriented the corrugations vertically to match the grooves of the building’s exterior,” Allie thoroughly explains. Aside from this part of the house, a storm shutter was also placed near the door.


Cabin at Night

The compact space is the best place to relax and unwind after a day of bonding with the family. Despite its size, it looks comfy and inviting, thanks to proper space planning.

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