Spanish Colonial Interiors in a Pet-Friendly Four-Storey Home

Antique pieces, chandeliers, and murals keep the classic vibe in this abode

Original Article: Chinggay Labrador Photography: Rene Mejia Pictorial Direction: Gwyn GS Guanzon Styling: Ardy Chua Sing Architect: Crisanto Montoya

A lot area of 100 square meters didn’t pose a problem to antique collector and cocker spaniel breeder Patrick. Instead of expanding outward, he built his home upward, resulting in this contemporary, yet classically designed, four-storey home – all in less than a year!

A tribute to an era gone-by, this home is made of nostalgic architectural elements like decorative wood pilasters, pierced latticework panels, sampaguita glass windows, fine antique furniture, and gardenscape murals painted by interior designer Ardy Chua Sing.

Patrick wanted a home for his prized cocker spaniels to live comfortably. With that in mind, the place was designed for Patrick’s pets - from the easy-to-clean ceramic tiles to using stain resistant fabrics for the upholstery. Architect and fellow antique collector Crisanto Montoya and Engineer Joe Naga, both dog lovers themselves, helped design and build this home – keeping it elegant for Patrick but still a safe and suitable place for Patrick’s canine friends.

Original article by Chinggay Labrador. Styling by Ardy Chua Sing. Art Direction by Gwyn GS Guanzon. Photographed by Rene Mejia.

Read the original article (“Dog Day Afternoon”) in the March 2007 issue of Real Living Magazine. To download a digital copy of Real Living Magazine, visit Summit Newsstand at

Living Area A study in Spanish colonial furniture, the living room displays an elegant antique aparador next to a wood-framed, traditional sliding window (trompe l'oeil ventanilla). An old hospital bed from Ilocos is used as a couch to break up the monotony.
Living Area Detail The living room couch radiates a traditional Filipino-in-the-Spanish-colonial-era vibe, with its pierced latticework panels and flat cushions in subdued colors.
Living Area Detail For households with pets, interior design via paintings, shelves, and items stored in corners and high places are the way to go. Celadon jars are tucked into a nook, intricately framed mirrors are hung, glass stained windows all decorate the place without fear of them accidentally breaking.
Living Area Detail Like all collections, Patrick also collected items piece by piece. With the help of interior designer Ardy Chua Sing, they incorporated Patrick’s collection to Patrick’s home – like these antique urns that enhance the old-world feel of the living area.
Living Area Detail Ceramic floor tiles adorn the living room, instantly giving the room an elegant feel. Ideal for households with pets, ceramic tiles are easy to sweep and mop. They are also stain and scratch resistant.
Living Area Murals The walls are painted with rustic murals by Ardy Chua Sing. Above the doorframe is an intricately designed wood panel that gives the entryway a feeling of a building façade.
Hallway A cozy hallway paves the way from the living room to the kitchen and dining area. Chinese porcelain plates are artfully displayed above the archway, the sides of which are decorative wood pilasters anchored on brick foundations. A colored-glass window from Bulacan offers a view outside.
Dining Area More antique pieces adorn the living room – from the blue bottle collection in the platera, the chandelier from Patrick’s family’s old house, to the Venetian mirror on the wall. The long dining table is sleek with an elegant glass tabletop, while the unvarnished centerpiece contrasts the glossy furniture around the dining area.
Kitchen The traditional brick counter immediately catches the eye’s attention. Copper cookware is stored and illuminated in the space under it, instead of a gas oven. The kithen island is inlaid with mother-of-pearl, giving the rustic kitchen a touch of classic elegance.
Master Bedroom Reuse old architectural details as accent pieces. Coffers, the square panels used to decorate ceilings, are lined up behind the antique bed with an intricate inlaid pattern to create a unique wall.
Bedroom Mezzanine The bedroom mezzanine is used a study/work area. Cramped with sturdy wooden furniture, the area also leads to an air-conditioned nursery for the Patrick’s puppies.
Extra Bedroom Mirrors abound in this extra bedroom – from the Tres Lunas, a three-mirrored vanity from Patrick’s grandmother, a handsome dresser, and a wall mirror. A Celadon urn’s blue and white colors break the monotony of dark wood finish and ceramic tile.
Bathroom The intricate wood ceiling design and the murals tie even the bathroom in with the home’s Spanish Colonial theme.
The Owner's Charming Pets King Philip American Cocker Spaniel Grand Champions Bruin and Ty and Champions Tootsie and Einstein

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