How This Mompreneur Keeps Her Home-Turned-Workplace A Safe Haven Amid The Daily Chaos

Like Roxanne Montealegre-Cruz, you too can feel safe and in control at home with smart home security devices available through PLDT Home.

Photos by Vyn Radovan

Every successful mompreneur has her own story worth telling, and what queen-of-all-trades Roxanne Montealegre-Luz shares can serve as an inspiring one for fellow hardworking mothers. Juggling multiple roles as an events host, a shirt producer, a pharmaceutical distribution business owner alongside her husband Mark Tajon Luz, and a dedicated full-time mom of two kids, the PLDT Home ambassador understands the importance of a secure and safe home environment.

The Luz Residence

Like many business owners that took a hit during the pandemic, Roxanne had to embrace a digital lifestyle to adapt and pivot. From holding an office in San Juan, Roxanne and Mark worked on transforming part of their multi-story home in Quezon City into a convenient office space where they could efficiently house their various businesses. As a result, their residence has evolved into a bustling "small town" where work and play coexist.

"As our businesses grew, work became more demanding. But we didn't want to sacrifice our time with family," says Roxanne. "With all the logistical problems brought by the pandemic, we decided to modify our home and have our office here."

The streamlined New England Colonial architectural style of the Luz residence, coated in gray and adorned with little greenery at that, may give off a humdrum for a home. But inside, beyond the wood and stone combo facade, “eclectic” will prove as an understatement.

As the main gateway to the house, the living room greets guests with a wide array of artworks – some of which, Roxanne’s mother-in-law and renowned glass artist Marge Organo herself created. Paintings, sculptures, installations, and whatnots hang and stand on the side, contrasting the rather simple furniture on the floor and filling the space with personality.

Art isn’t just a passion in the Luz family – it’s also their business. Three floors up the elevator from the floor of the living area, Roxanne’s family keeps a small art gallery. Here, Organo and her daughter and protégé Raisa Luz store some of their finished works.

"Art really keeps the family bonded," Roxanne says.

The other half of the mansion is where most of the work is. Roxanne and Mark’s pharmaceutical business with a staff of 10 holds office here. Roxanne also has another room for her shirt production business.

"Our home has since become a place for work and play, and the challenge has always been to keep everyone in the family safe and sound," shares Roxanne.

Investing in Smart Home Security Devices to Achieve Peace of Mind

“Despite having almost everything within proximity, it’s still not easy,” says Roxanne. Ideally, as mostly stay-at-home parents, Roxanne and Mark can check on their loved ones easily including their two kids Mariana and Mateo. Yet, craziness at work always gets in the way.

"Given the nature of our job, Mark and I are very keen on security," says Roxanne. “Kahit sobrang busy na namin ni Mark during the day, we look forward to starting and ending it with the kids, and that's how hands-on we are. We really enjoy being parents. They are our priority.”

Roxanne stresses the importance of safety and security amidst the hustle and bustle at home. She relies on smart home security gadgets to keep watch of their busy household. With easy monitoring of their home's interior and exterior, she can confidently focus on work or play, knowing their safety is assured.

Roxanne has equipped their home with the eufy Outdoor Camera 2 Pro and eufy Video Doorbell. These devices capture high-resolution 2K footage day and night, with a built-in AI system for motion and human detection. They provide notifications and endure harsh weather with long battery life on the first charge.

To monitor the busiest and most fragile areas at home, Roxanne relies on the eufy Indoor Camera. The camera, operated through the eufy security app, offers pan and tilt functionality and records in 2K high resolution. All eufy devices can be accessed through the eufy Security App, providing real-time and recorded videos along with alerts and notifications for later review.

For smart home devices to work smoothly and efficiently, a strong internet connection is a must. For her part, Roxanne has PLDT Home’s fast and reliable internet to power her home.

A mom first before an entrepreneur, Roxanne says safeguarding the well-being of her loved ones takes precedence above all – no matter how chaotic it gets at work. Watch the video for more of her insights and tips in keeping their warzone of a home this warm:

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