Farm Owners Spent P150K to Build This Modern Bahay Kubo in Misamis Occidental

They used materials from the farm and pre-loved furniture from their parents to save on costs

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Tiny living is all the rage these days, what with its practicality. All the more when the tiny home is situated away from the hustle and bustle of the city. When Red Jun Suminguit's grandfather entrusted two hectares for him and his wife Darleth Mae to maintain in Sapang Dalaga, Misamis Occidental, they gamely took on the task.


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"It's so special for us kasi dito nakakapag-relax kami," Darleth Mae tells the OG team. "Fresh 'yung air, malayo sa masyadong busy na streets, maingay na kapitbahay, so parang nagbabakasyon lang."

Even before Red Jun and Darleth Mae moved into the property, it already meant so much to them, as it served as the venue not just for their prenup shoot, but their civil wedding as well.


Making use of available materials

Situated in a lush environment, the Suminguits made use of the natural resources available as materials for their home. While they had decided on building a modern bahay kubo, they wanted it to have a different design. "Mostly sa materials na ginamit namin is around the area lang," Darleth Mae shares. "That's why we were able to save a lot on the cost."

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Their house, a modern bahay kubo, features exterior walls made of bagalnga (neem) trees, framing and flooring made from coconut trees, and posts made with mahogany. The interior, meanwhile, is made of amakan, while the roofing is made of nipa.

"Yung windows din namin is galing sa old windows ng parents ko so we also don't have to buy those," Darleth Mae adds. "And then also the wood frames for the doors salvaged din dito sa area."


Small but functional

Red Jun and Darleth Mae's bahay kubo consists of a 6x12 foot patio and a 12x12 foot main room. The room serves as the couple's bedroom and workplace area as they both work online, Red Jun being a programmer and Darleth Mae being a virtual assistant.


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The room connects to a bathroom that used to be made entirely of bamboo. Realizing that bamboo easily deteriorates, Red Jun and Darleth Mae changed the material to concrete.


Outside the bahay kubo is a detached kitchen slash entertainment system made with a mix of nipa and concrete, where the couple watches TV, YouTube, or streams music on Spotify.

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To enhance the cozy vibe of the property, Red Jun and Darleth Mae installed string lights in front of their home.


Plans for the future

All in all, the Suminguits spent around P150,000 for the construction of their modern bahay kubo. As they used mostly materials from the farm and pre-loved furniture from their parents, they saved a lot on expenses.

With a baby on the way, Red Jun and Darleth Mae realize that their modern bahay kubo may not be ideal in the long run, which is why they are considering converting the area into a bed and breakfast someday.


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"If we're going to choose if it's just going to be the two of us, we can live in this payag (cottage) for a long time," Darleth Mae says. "But in reality, for our growing family, we also wanted each member to have their own space."

"And then siguro later, if may budget, we are planning to have a small café here and also maybe do parang farm-to-table experience for people and maybe we can officially open this area to the public."


Take a peek inside the modern bahay kubo when you watch the video below:

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