This 24sqm Condo Unit Features an Affordable Scandinavian-Minimalist Style

Photography: OLA Interior Photography Interior Designer: IDr. Mika Abad

Practical homeowners know how important it is to achieve the look they want for their spaces without overspending. After all, if you can turn your mood board into reality while still saving a few bucks, wouldn’t that be a dream?


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In transforming this 24sqm, one-bedroom condo unit in Pasay, interior designer Mika Abad had to keep within a budget while helping the owners turn it into an inviting rental space. “The key is to have open communication between the client and the designer as well as to keep an open mind for alternative options for swift decision-making,” Mike shares.

Some of the items found in the space are online purchases that Mika found through proper research. Since the unit is compact, it’s important to have a design professional on board who can give advice on space planning. “Not everyone would have the privilege of a large space but you can always make the most of your space,” says the designer. They also settled on a Scandinavian-Minimalist style which is cozy and easy on the eyes.

Take a peek inside the condo unit below:



The unit opens up to the one-wall kitchen on the right. Mika added a tube light below the kitchen cabinets to serve as task lighting when preparing food or washing dishes. To keep the area from looking too plain, she put a potted plant on display as well as a few kitchen essentials placed on a wooden tray.

Mika also used cool gray panels as backsplash instead of the usual tiles as these are easier to clean. “The slim black framing around the glass protects its edges while blending in with the existing black countertop,” she explains. According to the interior designer, the combination of the light and reflective glass backsplash helped open up the space while lessening the narrowness of the entryway.

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Living and Dining Areas

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The wooden divider came with the unit upon turnover. To achieve the Scandinavian-Minimalist style, Mika opted to have off white-painted walls, light-toned furniture, and reflected surfaces to help maximize the available natural light.

Living Area

There’s a sofa bed that immediately turns the living area into an extra sleeping space when needed. Mika had custom wall mirror panels with black linear accents installed behind the sofa bed to help create an illusion of a bigger space.

“We used a modern matte black chandelier to emphasize the high ceiling while also adding drama and a ‘wow factor’ as guests can get a glimpse of it upon entry,” adds the designer.

Dining Area


The four-seater dining set in a white and natural-stained rubberwood adds warmth to the space while matching the divider. A wall-mounted TV is found above the table as the client “prioritized a comfortable dining/working space over a TV console” according to Mika.

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Sleeping Area

“The sleeping area can only accommodate a certain layout because of the door access to the balcony,” Mika explains. Despite the size, they were able to fit a queen-size bed, a wardrobe, and a small vanity table. The interior designer had to source for the right pieces that are readily available and in white to blend in with the walls.

Two framed artworks liven up the private space. If you look closely, you’ll notice that the wall accents match the throw pillows on the sofa bed. Mika used double curtains to enable the guests to control the light streaming into the space whether they prefer sheer curtains or blackout ones.

Mika scored a dainty vanity table with a round mirror that complements the rest of the pieces in the room. The wardrobe also has a full-length mirror that saves on space while also making the space look bigger.


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“The client wanted to retain the bathroom’s existing fittings and finishes to save on costs while still making it look elegant,” recalls the designer. Mika had a glass shower enclosure installed to elevate the overall look.

To make the T&B more functional, she also added accessories like stainless steel hooks, a towel bar, and a corner rack to keep clutter at bay. These things come in handy since the washing machine is also kept in the bathroom.

Interested to work with interior designer Mika Abad? You can follow her on Facebook: Mika Abad Interiors. She is also on Instagram: @mikaabad.interiors. For inquiries, you can email her at mikaabad.interiors[at]

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