A Scandi-Japanese Condo Home for a Family of Four

Photography: OLA Interior Photography Interior Designer: IDr. Juwan Baring of VERO Interiors and Construction Corp.,

Décor pieces and furniture add pizzazz to a home, but what really transforms a space into a stunner is its functionality. After all, the most important consideration a designer needs to make is how the owners will use this space, and to be able to translate it into a design is a win. For this three-bedroom condo home, interior designer Juwan Baring of VERO Interiors and Construction Corp., chose a design that’s simple, straightforward, and yet stylish.

“We tried to avoid complicated styling and forms, focusing instead on the function and details of every corner,” he shares with From the entryway to the bathrooms, you’ll easily notice the well-thought-out storage nooks and how the available space was maximized.

“We considered the everyday movement of the family, how they plan to use every area, as well as their personalities,” says Juwan. To achieve a sleek aesthetic that matches this objective, the designer took inspiration from Scandinavian and Japanese styles. Both practical and easy on the eyes, the two styles also allowed Juwan and the VERO design team to utilize subdued colors and natural light to achieve a homey ambiance.

Take a peek inside the condo home below:



Upon entrance, you’ll be greeted by a floor-to-ceiling accent mirror on the right which reflects the light coming through the window. In front of the mirror is a bench that extends to the dining area. Aside from functioning as a seating piece, it also serves as a shoe cabinet and extra storage nook.

“Many of the storage spaces were measured carefully to fit their purpose. The shoe cabinet had to be big enough to fit the shoes of the clients without being too bulky,” explains the designer.


While the unit had a ready-to-use kitchen upon turnover, the design team decided to reconfigure the area to make it more functional. An extended kitchen counter was built to serve as an extra prep area and breakfast nook.

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There’s no shortage of storage nooks here! Plenty of concealed storage compartments complete the space and complement the wood and white theme. “We had to make it light and warm for the eldest child who is taking culinary courses,” says Juwan.

Dining Area

The dining area is ideal for sharing meals as a family. The dining table and extended bench are part of a package that was intentionally designed to complement each other. “We took inspiration from Japanese carpentry and wood art. Minimalist, sculptural, and architectural – these describe the set,” the designer shares.

Living Area


The custom-made sofa is unique and inviting. According to Juwan, it is meant to be a statement piece that stands out. “The combination of pitch-black leather accented by horse brown backrest worked. It’s an unconventional piece that slightly fractured the symmetry in the space but it worked,” adds the designer.

In placing the sofa, the design team had to consider the size of the TV to make sure the distance is ideal for viewing. They also measured the height of the backrest to make sure the owners can watch TV even while they’re in the dining area. Instead of adding open shelves, the designer opted for modular cabinets that avoid eyesores.


The hallway features smart decorating and storage solutions. An accent mirror spruces up the end of the hallway while framed photographs liven up the wall. A “magic cabinet” was also incorporated which is a storage cabinet concealed by niches.

Master Bedroom

For the master bedroom, the owners requested for a “cozy, clutter-free room that could accommodate casual work.” To deliver this, the design team maximized the use of warm, neutral tones and wooden finishes. The whole headboard moonlights as storage while the custom-built desk also serves as a bedside table.


The cabinet at the foot of the bed features a shade of grey that works well with white and wood.

First Bathroom

Mirroring the look and feel of the bedroom, the first bathroom features ample storage nooks and laminated wood finishes.

To avoid clutter, the design team also added a hanging shelf. Inside the shower area, tiles that follow a herringbone pattern complement the bath fixtures in black.

Son’s Bedroom

For the son’s bedroom, there’s a desk in front of a window for studying while the bed frame has storage compartments.


To personalize the other rooms, Juwan made sure to incorporate the personalities of the users. In this bedroom, they painted the modern wainscoting blue to create an accent wall that's perfect as a background for the guitars.

Daughter’s Bedroom

Similar to the bed in the son’s bedroom, the bed in this space also has extra storage compartments. To differentiate it from the other bedroom, the designer added touches of teal and pink.

Even the cabinet knobs have a dainty feel. “Touches like these help communicate the personality of the users while maintain a cohesive look throughout the home,” Juwan explains.

Second Bathroom


To make this T&B functional, the design team also used a mirrored cabinet for storage then added overhead shelves to maximize the space. It also has an enclosed shower area defined by easy-to-maintain tiles and streamlined bath fixtures.

Ready to give your home a makeover? Get in touch with VERO Interiors and Construction, Corp. through email at verointeriorsph[at] You can also visit their website at or follow them on Instagram: @verointeriorsph.

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