A Family of 5 Lives in This 32sqm Condo Unit

With the help of inter designer Angelica Fua, the owners transformed the compact space into an inviting halfway home

No space is too small when you want to create a comfortable and functional home for your family. A 32sqm, one-bedroom condo unit may seem compact for a family of five but interior designer Angelica Fua renovated it in such a way that they have all the areas they need.

“The owners shared they will use the unit as a halfway home and a hangout place for the kids. They also requested for a cool-toned palette consisting of blue and gray with touches of earth tones,” explains Angelica.

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Given the size of the unit, the interior designer also had to maximize the vertical space for storage as well as create multifunctional areas. The living area moonlights as a sleeping space for the kids while the bathroom also serves as the laundry area.

Take a peek inside the 32sqm condo unit below:



The foyer also serves as a storage center (for shoes and keys) and as a sanitation corner where alcohol dispensers and masks can be kept. “The custom-built unit is in a white wood laminate finish for easier cleaning,” says Angelica. Meanwhile, the wall finish is in Venetian Plaster to add texture and create dept in the area. The abstract mirror conceals the unit’s panel board.

Notice the column with slatted design? It’s actually a utility cabinet where the cleaning supplies are kept.

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If you have a foyer in your space, you can take your cue from this corner if you want to decorate it simply – a vase filled with faux flowers and a catchall for essentials can help liven it up.

Living Area

A work/study desk separates the foyer from the entertainment area. To define this part of the living area, Angelica opted for a customized built-in unit to house the 55” TV. A storage shelf was also added above it to avoid clutter. “An accent stone laminate in taupe finish is used to complement the white wood laminate finish beside it,” the designer explains.


From this angle you’ll also see the cubby shelf behind the entertainment area where the telephone, router, and cables are hidden.

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Since the kids will be sleeping in the living area, Angelica furnished the space with a sofa and a lounge chair that can be transformed into a double bed and a single bed, respectively. “The coffee table is in nesting style which is light and can be moved easily. This can also be used as a side table once the sofa and lounge chair are turned into beds,” she shares.


Capping off the luxe yet inviting look of the living area us the carpet with abstract design. The designer specifically chose as it ties the look of the area together. From this side of the unit, you can also see the kitchen. A shelf above the refrigerator was removed and replaced with an open shelf to accommodate the tall fridge the owners wanted.


Dining Area

The lady of the house loves to cook and one of her requirements include having a spacious kitchen. Aside from making sure the cooking area is functional, Angelica made sure the dining area can also function as the kitchen’s extension. “I designed this counter island to double as their dining table and as additional prep station when cooking,” she says.


The tabletop has a solid surface finish to mirror the kitchen countertops while the base of the table has the same finish as the foyer to create a cohesive look. It also has a hidden cabinet for extra storage. The interior designer completed the area with adjustable upholstered stools and smoked gray pendant light, the only decorative lighting piece in the unit.

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Compact and organized, the kitchen was designed with the wife’s love for cooking in mind. To free up countertop space, the cabinet doors below the range were removed to accommodate the smart microwave oven. Adding contemporary flair to the area are the overhead cabinets with frosted doors.


The lower kitchen cabinet doors were changed to feature linen gray laminates. Complementing these are two-colored ceramic subway tiles used for the backsplash. Each tile was installed individually to create the pattern.


The owners wanted to have a full-sized bed and a TV in their bedroom. To address the limited space, Angelica decided to mount the TV then just added a hanging shelf for décor pieces. A small cutout was done on the wall to hide the wires. Instead of adding a night table, she also designed a narrow built-in ledge that also moonlights as storage for extra pillows and beddings.


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The interior designer also removed the existing wardrobe and replaced it with white gloss modular units that extend over the headboard. To liven up the room, Angelica chose to incorporate a teal accent wall in a satin finish behind the bed.


The new wardrobe closet has a framed mirror door panel to help open the space up and make it look bigger.



The entire T&B was revamped with a lighter color scheme to match the look of the entire unit. Angelica used the same porcelain gray tiles for the walls and floor.

“An accent oak wood laminate finish was chosen to soften and break the monochromatic scheme. All the built-ins were designed to have storage, even the mirror for the lavatory,” Angelica explains.

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Given the storage options, the owners can organize their toiletries and essentials to avoid clutter. To spruce up the bathroom, plants and diffusers can be displayed.

Angelica incorporated the laundry area into the T&B while still keeping the space clean and practical. “Adding a granite countertop above the washer/dryer creates a cleaner area where they can fold clothes,” she says.


To maximize the vertical space, she placed a hanger rod where clothes can hang dry as well as shelving units for laundry essentials. “Doing this avoids visual clutter and helps to sort the family’s day-to-day laundry chores,” the designer adds.

Ready to transform your own home? You can get in touch with interior designer Angelica Fua through email at angie[at] You can also follow her on Instagram: @angiefua.


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