7 Pieces You Need When You Move Into Your First Condo

Moving into your own place? Here’s everything you need.

7 Pieces You Need When You Move Into Your First Condo

If you’re about to move into your first condo, you might be wondering what you need to give it a stylish and spacious look. Luckily, you can purchase everything you need on the newly upgraded AllHome website. 

The new AllHome website features over 10,000 items to choose from. You can simply add to cart and pay online, and have your housewares delivered to you at your doorstep. Here are just some of the essentials you can now purchase online: 

1. Pull-out bed

For studios or one-bedroom units, you’ll really need to maximize the space that you have. A pull-out or a storage bed can double as space where you can store smaller items like books and clothes. You can also fold it up and lounge on it during the daytime, making it the perfect companion for lazy weekends. 

2. Dining bar table

Whether it’s leftover takeout straight from the fridge or a delicious meal you’ve made from scratch, a dining bar table elevates the experience of any meal. You can also spruce it up with indoor hanging plants, an overhead wine rack, or a stylish lamp. Remember that even the simplest of spaces can look thoughtful and elegant!

3. Decorative lamps

Lighting can make or break the atmosphere of a room. Look for a stylish piece that helps illuminate your home, but still gives it a relaxed, laid-back vibe. You’d be surprised that many of them are actually powered by efficient, durable LED bulbs. This way, you can achieve a sophisticated dwelling space while still saving on energy. 

4. Mirrors

You may have heard that mirrors make a room look larger, and it’s true. Moreover, a wide, full-length mirror can spread the distribution of light around your room. A brighter, more spacious-looking condo can help you feel calmer and more at ease even during stressful days spent indoors.

5. Kitchen appliances

Last but not least, what is a home without the right appliances? If you’re looking for a fun addition to your kitchen, then check out the Asahi Disney Collection on the AllHome website. From rice cookers to blenders, they feature a classic Disney design that will add a youthful, sentimental touch to your condo! And everybody’s first condo should feel like home. 

6. Clothing rack

A clothing rack is a must have for every condo unit owner. Not only does it provide more space for you to hang your clothes, it also helps you do your laundry more efficiently. If you have last minute clothing emergencies and you need to wash your wearables right away, then a clothing rack will be very handy!

7. Dish rack

Dish racks also make useful countertop storage options. And the best part of its, there are different designs that you can choose from! From double-layered to wall-mounted racks, you can select the one that best suits the space that you have. Having a dish rack in your condominium unit will surely keep every plate in place.

With the past year spent staying safe at home, AllHome has committed to making home living easier and more convenient. The new AllHome website provides a smoother shopping experience, and is easily accessible via desktop or mobile. 

AllHome has also launched its Shop4You personal shopper service and Viber communities, so you can stay updated and purchase your essentials without having to step outside of your home. You can also shop AllHome on Shopee, Lazada, and PayMaya Mall. AllHome is also available on GrabMart, Metromart, and Pick-A-Roo. You can also opt to safely shop in-store, as AllHome's team has now been fully vaccinated. 

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