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A Peek Inside Heart Evangelista's Airplane Cabin-Like Van

GMA-7 actress Heart Evangelista has finally granted her fans' wish to see the inside of her artista van.

On Thursday, September 22, 2022, the Kapuso actress gave her YouTube subscribers an exclusive tour of her taping van, which she considers her "fourth home."

Heart's "artista van" is a fairly new Mercedes Benz Sprinter, which she had customized with the help of Primera Klasse and her designer best friend Mark Bumgarner.

She said, "A few months ago, actually, I decided to invest on this van and really have it pimped out because it is an essential to what I do."

According to Mercedez Benz's official website, the passenger-type Sprinter van is priced at around USD45,300 or PHP2,674,059.00.

Heart Evangelista, artista van

Heart, like other A-list stars, has also Manila-proofed her van, which she usually uses for work or if she has to go to a nearby province.

On why she decided to have her van customized, Heart said, "I've always loved having vans because of the nature of my work.


"We always have like, long hours from 4 a.m. sometimes to 12 noon the next day. Well, growing up in showbiz, that's how it was.

"Although in the set, we always had tents. But I was always very shy to mingle with a lot of people. And sometimes, you just wanna chill. Plus, I always had dogs with me.

"So I always had a van. It came in different versions but I feel like, this would be one of my best vans because it is the more mature van, I would say."

Here's a quick tour of Heart's work van:

It has two VVIP captain seats, each with a touch pad control panel for adjusting the seat's angle as well as a built-in massager and heater.

The covers of the captain seats are customized with all-white Chanel-inspired quilted leather.

Heart Evangelista, artista van

These seats are definitely one of Heart's favorite features in her van.

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She said, "I love sleeping in the car. I don't know why. I think it's the motion or something. Whenever I have, like, long drives or what... I enjoy it.

"If I go to Baguio or wherever, I kind of enjoy being in the car because I fall asleep. I feel like I'm a baby."

Heart Evangelista, artista van

Right in front of the captain seats is the divider and a media area fitted with a multimedia player, a 32-inch TV, a Bluetooth connection, touch controls, outlets, and charging port.

Heart Evangelista, artista van


There is also a pull-out table with a velvet tray where Heart usually places her bag and accessories.

Heart Evangelista, artista van

Just below the media area is a mini refrigerator.

Heart Evangelista, artista van

At the back are the lounge and vanity area where, according to Heart, "I usually do my glam at home but we do the retouch here.

"So you have, like this vanity mirror that Mark made sure was there."

Heart Evangelista, artista van

The windows of the van are designed to look like airplane windows.

Heart explained, "We wanted to feel like we're actually traveling, hence this window... parang airplane 'cause I always travel."

Heart Evangelista, artista van


Must-have: a closet and a clothes rack for her outfits.

Heart said, "I always have like shoes and some jackets that I like to keep. Just in case it was a bad day and I had to go somewhere. I have my extra jackets."

Heart Evangelista, artista van

There are also overhead storage areas for snacks and her dogs Shuti and Panda's collars.

Heart Evangelista, artista van


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* Minor edits have been made by the Realliving.com.ph editors.

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