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DJ Chacha Gives Us a Tour of Her Minimalist and Fancy Two-Storey House

'Hindi naging madali pero lahat ng hirap at sakripisyo ay worth it.'

“Still can’t believe that now we have our own home. Hindi naging madali pero lahat ng hirap at sakripisyo ay worth it. Mabuti talaga si Lord sa mga taong masipag at patas gumalaw sa mundong ito,” veteran radio DJ and host Czarina Balba-Guevarra, popularly known as DJ Chacha, penned on Instagram, sharing a milestone she has been looking forward to after years of sweat, blood, and hard work. Now, she finally calls herself a proud owner of a two-storey minimalist dream home, sharing the humble abode with her husband and two kids.

Before her big move, the jockey opened up that she has experienced living in different places, among them her parents’ house and a studio apartment that housed one bedframe and two plastic chairs. Looking back at her humble beginnings, she emphasizes the value of patience in making dreams come true. “Bago kami nag-decide na magpagawa ng bahay ang dami dami na naming tinignang house and lot at town house. Marami-rami rin kaming nagustuhan, pero yung asawa ko laging sinasabing ‘Wag muna, hindi pa kaya, saka na.’ Noong panahon na yun pareho kaming malakas kumita kaya nagtataka ko bakit ayaw niya? Pakiramdam ko tuloy parang ayaw niyang magkaroon kami ng bahay."

She added, “Parang masaya na siya sa condo namin. Buti na lang nakinig ako sa asawa ko na wag magmadali, na wag mainggit sa ibang mga taong may sarili ng bahay. Kaya habang hinihintay namin yung perfect timing, wala kong ibang ginawa kung hindi magtrabaho, mag-ipon at magdasal. Dahil natuto kaming maghintay sa timing ni Lord, may sarili na kaming bahay ng wala kaming kailangang isiping utang sa kahit kanino.”

From brightly-lit rooms and high ceilings to cozy nooks and chic details, there’s no surprise that the DJ went above and beyond to make her home as meaningful and magnificent as possible, enlisting help from contractor Novillos Construction Company and interior designer Headroom. Despite having a clear picture of how she wants the house to look like, she puts importance in expert advice when it comes to executing the concept well as well as finding the right suppliers that don't hurt the bank.


DJ Chacha’s vision is to enhance a minimalist design with a touch of luxury through high-end finishes and lots of lighting. She also gravitated towards a neutral palette, relying on a mix of black, gold, and brown colors for the curation of every nook and cranny. 

In a two-part YouTube series, the DJ gives her followers a tour of her cherished home, providing everyone fantastic interior inspiration. 

Take a look at all the details below:

DJ Chacha’s Minimalist Home

Putting importance in a homey feel for the guests, DJ Chacha invested in making the house tropical-looking from the outside. She opted for a narra door and a pocket garden to provide that much needed rest and relaxation from the hustle and bustle of the city.

watch now

Pocket garden



The garage is good for two cars, as well as her husband's motorcycle and bikes. The couple are actually cycling hobbyists, biking to far-flung places whenever their schedules free up as their bonding time.

Living area

DJ Chacha admitted that it was her husband's choice to invest in white indoor pieces—complimented by her own penchant for droplights that bring vibrance to the space.



Dining area

The family usually enlists help from florist and event stylist FJ Sionson for decorating their dining table whenever there's a special occasion. 



DJ Chacha gave credit to the full use of cabinets to maximize storage space.

They also invested in a griller for weekend barbecue nights.


Powder room

The powder room is a small and a unique space, coupled with an illusion to make it bigger with the use of mirrors. 


Master's bedroom

DJ Chacha and her husband wanted their bedroom to be a hotel-like space, investing in dark curtains and a comfortable bed to make staying in enjoyable every day.

Master's bathroom

They kept it minimalist with the addition of a luxe bathtub.


Walk-in closet

The DJ shared that a walk-in closet where she can house all her prized belongings and provide a space for dolling up is an absolute must.



The lanai, which is located in the first floor, serves as a "sanctuary" for their kids and helpers.

Radio booth

Of course, the addition of a radio booth isn't a surprise, as DJ Chacha sometimes work at home. She added a massage chair to keep herself feeling relaxed during hectic work days!



Overall, what a milestone for the DJ. In the conclusive statement of her post, she gave empowering advice to dreamers who are hopeful to also have their desired abode someday. "Always live within your means, work hard, be kind and fair to everyone. Keep your faith and you'll never go wrong." Well said!

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