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Indoor Trees You Can Buy Online for Empty Corners in Your Home

These large plants are low-maintenance, too!


Is there a spot in your home that feels awkwardly empty? Adding an indoor tree can greatly transform this bare space. With their striking leaves and tall trunks, these large plants can make a big statement, and they can even make your home feel more homey. But to keep most of these green wonders happy, just remember that they will need a bit of sunlight, so if you're planning to display them in a bright space, go ahead and check out these miniature trees: 

1. Fortune Plant from Plant House Manila 

Tall and narrow, this lucky houseplant is perfect for small spaces. According to the Plant House Manila, it can grow up to four feet! 

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2. Yucca from Spruce Plants Shop and The Unfurling Nest 

With its sword-shaped leaves, a Yucca plant won't fail to liven up a bare space. Interestingly, the striking houseplant thrives on neglect. In fact, according to The Spruce, overwatering is one of the most common reasons why Yucca plants fail to survive.



Perfect for high-ceiling areas, Yucca plants can also grow as high as 10 feet!

2. Ficus Lyrata from The Unfurling Nest  

The Ficus Lyrata—or more popularly known as the fiddle-leaf fig—is another statement-maker as it boasts very large, textured leaves. It can even grow up to six feet or more! As this plant requires bright, filtered light in order to grow, it's best placed near a large window. 


4. Ponytail Palm from Spruce Plants Shop and Plant Tito PH 

If you're a forgetful plant parent, this palm-like tree is for you. As it has a bulbous trunk, a ponytail palm has the ability to store moisture in its base, so it doesn't need a lot of watering. What makes this plant even more charming is it has long and curly leaves. 



5. Rubber Tree from Happy Plant Co

Perfect for minimalist homes, this indoor tree is well-loved for its fuss-free appearance. Its leaves are dark and glossy, and it has a slender branch, too. Similar to a fiddle-leaf fig, a rubber tree must be placed in a bright spot in order to thrive. It can grow as high as 10 feet!


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