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8 Types of Indoor Plants That Won't Stress You Out

Check out these indoor plant types that are low-maintenance!


Ever since quarantine began, more and more people have been turning to plants—turning even small spaces like the bathroom into an indoor garden. It always starts with a cute succulent or a plant that can survive in a low-light environment because let's face it, not everyone has a huge garden area. But then they get a little more into it, investing in plant racks to give their collection some elevation, quirky pots, and chic stands. Being a plantita is such an adventure!

But if you don't have a green thumb, all the information out there can be pretty overwhelming. Where do you start? Should you get a pink plant? Or one that doesn't need soil to grow? Sure, dried flowers are pretty, but what if you can take care of your own lavender plant?

Check out these indoor plant types that are low-maintenance (and to be honest, won't stress you out).


Best Indoor Plants: Pothos

The best thing about pothos is that it is a survivor. What you need to be careful about is mistaking pothos for philodendrons—they look similar because they are both vining plants. Pothos have larger, thicker, sometimes lighter leaves. It can exist in different kinds of light conditions but if it looks a bit pale, there's a good chance it's getting too much sunlight. You don't have to keep pothos in a pot of soil; it will do just fine in a container with water.

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Best Indoor Plants: Dracaena

You can have fun with dracaena because it comes in different colors and shapes! This plant can also purify the air, so we suggest placing it in the room you spend a lot of time in. While it can survive in an environment with low to medium light, it's best that it gets bright, indirect sunlight. Avoid over watering as it can lead to root rot. Apparently, it's super sensitive to excess salts and fluoride, so try using rainwater or distilled water.


Best Indoor Plants: Spider Plant

The chlorophytum comosum, or spider plant, can survive in low-light conditions, but they actually prefer bright light. Just keep it in a well-draining pot of soil and water it once a week, and you're golden. As with most plants, the number one cause of death for a spider plant is over watering because it leads to root rot. Make sure the soil dries up before watering it again.


Best Indoor Plants: ZZ Plant

If you live in a condo or your house doesn't get a lot of sunlight, a ZZ plant is your safest bet. The zamioculcas zamiifolia needs bright but indirect sunlight, so make sure you don't leave it outside because its leaves might start curling or even turn yellow. Apart from making sure the pot has holes in the bottom, place your ZZ plant in a fast-draining potting mix. Like the spider plant, you can water it once a week (or even every other week).


Best Indoor Plants: Snake Plant

Another favorite houseplant, the snake plant is also know as mother-in-law’s tongue or sansevieria. These have beautiful, striking lines on their upright leaves, and they look very much like snakeskin. While you're buying your own snake plant, go for ones with leaves that are on the darker side to make sure it's healthy. Before the next watering, check to see that the soil is dry. And it's best not to water directly on the leaves. Keep this plant in indirect sunlight.


Best Indoor Plants: Rubber Plant

Formally called ficus elastica, a rubber plant thrives best in bright light. Place it right by a window with sheer curtains, and it'll be pretty happy. If you buy it young, it can adapt better indoors than if you already purchase a mature plant. Keep your plant moist; this might even mean wiping it with a damp cloth or misting it with lukwarm water.


Best Indoor Plants: Aloe Vera

Did you know that one of your favorite beauty product ingredients comes from a succulent? And like most succulents, the aloe vera plant is not high-maintenance, but it does need plenty of indirect sunlight. You can use the gel inside the plant to treat minor burns, cuts, and other skin conditions. Here's the best news: The aloe vera plant can survive years in the same pot, so that's one less thing to worry about.


Best Indoor Plants: Philodendron

You may not recognize the name, but we guarantee that you've seen this trailing plant before: Philodendrons are known for their heart-shaped leaves. Like the pothos, this beauty can grow up to 10 feet! It can be grown in soil and in water; just make sure it's getting medium or indirect light.



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