Potted Plants You Can Shop Online to Spruce Up Your Home

The pots alone can pass as decor.

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If you're looking to decorate your place with some greenery, potted plants are the way to go. This way, you aren't just sprucing up the area with greens, the planters they come in pass as decor, too. Browse through the list below for ones you can shop online, stat:

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Shopleaf Fiddle Leaf Fig "Bambino" on Clay Pot (P1,599)

This petite version of a fiddle leaf fig tree comes complete with a pastel-hued clay pot that'll add color to small spaces.

Shopleaf "Groot" Bonsai on Clay Pot (price available upon request)

If you're a bonsai beginner, snag this potted weeping fig plant the moment it gets restocked (it sells out fast).

Nest Plant Studio Potted Plants (price available upon request)

Nest Plant Studio carries a wide variety of plants and pot designs that you can mix and match however you want.


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Plant Parenthood Arrie Pot Set (price available upon request)

When you order some greens from Plant Parenthood, don't forget to add their chic handcrafted clay pots to your cart, too.

Spruce Bacularis Desk Potted Plant (P400-650)

Livening up your home office with an adorable bacularis in a gold-accented planter.


Planthouse Manila Philodendron Selloum (P800)

Planthouse Manila's white and gold pots are a non-boring way to display tall leafy plants like the philodendron selloum.


Plant Home PH Red Siam Aglaonema (P600)

This shop's pink plant collection will make you want to start yours, and they all conveniently come with their own pots that don't distract from the main attraction.

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