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Expert Advice on Lighting Your Home

Architect Paulo Alcazaren shares tips on how to make your home comfortable through your choice of lighting.

One of the things you should never take for granted in designing a home is lighting.

Architect Paulo Alcazaren, one of the country's most awarded architects, says, "Lighting is really one of the major factors in appreciating and understanding architecture. Lighting can define the character of a space and evoke emotion, and that's very important in design."

Alcazaren is a registered architect and landscape architect from the University of the Philippines. He obtained his master's degree in urban planning and design from the National University of Singapore. He's also the former president of the Philippine Association of Landscape Architects, a heritage advocate, and a recipient of an Alab ng Haraya award from the National Commission for Culture and the Arts.

Alcazaren (left in below photo with his fellow Philips ambassadors: lifestyle blogger Kelly Misa-Fernandez and makeup artist Jigs Mayuga) shares these tips on lighting.

He also recommends suitable Philips LED products to use for comfortable lighting. Because they have less glare and no visible flickering and distribute light evenly, Philips LED bulbs help achieve eye comfort.


Choose versatile lights

Alcazaren says: "Look for versatile lights with adjustable brightness, such as Philips LED downlights and ceiling lamps (prices of both start at P289 each). You want the room to work for different purposes: bright and clean for guests, cozy and comfy for the family. Lighting can help you achieve both."

Use your existing switch and enjoy the step-dimmable feature of Philips Cavanal LED Ceiling Lamp and Hadron LED Downlights. You can dim your lights from 100 percent brightness to 50 percent up to 10 percent. Just flick your switch off and on to achieve your desired brightness.


Check for suitability

Different areas in the home have unique functions and thus have different lighting needs. Suitable lighting is key. Alcazaren says: "Especially in the home, the living room must be one that makes you comfortable and relaxed."

Philips Scene Switch Bulbs (price starts at P299 each) can create different moods depending on the kind of activity you want to do in the area: reading, entertaining, or watching TV. You can use your existing switch to change lighting from warm white to cool daylight and back.


Strive for balance

Alcazaren says: "It's important to maintain balance through lighting between the personality and the functionality of the room. Good lighting can create the atmosphere that any room deserves."

Philips Deco Classic LED bulbs and LED candles are ideal for the kitchen or dining area. With a classic vintage filament design, Philips Deco Classic LED bulbs and LED candles (prices of both start at P199 each) give these areas of your home beautiful ambient lighting, should you choose to go for that warm and cozy café or bar feel. They're environment-friendly, too, allowing you up to 90 percent energy savings. These enhance the aesthetic appeal of your chandeliers, wall scones, or modern luminaries. 


Philips Lighting brings limitless possibilities when it comes to choosing and achieving the best lighting experience for your home. The latest Philips LED technology ensures that every room is beautifully lit and gentle on the eyes as well. For more information, visit the Eye Comfort page

This article was created by Summit Storylabs in partnership with Philips.