What You Need for a Japanese-Inspired Home

Here are some simple tips for a more Zen home.

What You Need for a Japanese-Inspired Home

Japanese-inspired interior design has remained popular, because it offers a relaxing openness and a natural feel that creates an inviting space to come home to after a long day. One of the inspirations behind it is Zen philosophy. It revolves around clean and uncluttered living, so it features a simple, neat, and natural aesthetic.

Japanese-inspired interiors have simple lines and abundant lighting, too, which create a very tranquil atmosphere that works well if you live in a very busy city. If you want to create a more Zen dwelling place for yourself, try the tips listed below:


1. Display plants.

Japanese culture has deep respect and love for nature. You can opt for bamboo plants and some bonsai, or low-maintenance houseplants such as aloe vera, snake plant, or the many kinds of tillandsia.


2. Pick earth tones.

The color palette of Japanese interiors has neutral and nature-inspired hues. Create a harmonious flow across your furniture, walls, floors, and ceiling by featuring earthy greens, woody browns, soft beiges and pinks, and shades of grays you find in parks and gardens.


3. Bring in scents of Japan.

Japan has an incredibly rich culture filled with smells that would definitely trigger nostalgia—from the earthy smell of their Zen gardens, to the homey feel that tatami floors and wooden tables offer. You would love coming home from work when you know you have a tranquil space with all your favorite scents.

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