5 Tips On How To Achieve A K-Drama-Inspired Home

Get that cozy, minimalist look reminiscent of your fave Korean series!

5 Tips On How To Achieve A K-Drama-Inspired Home

Korean-styled homes showcase a timeless, cozy, and minimalist design that anyone would love to have in their space. It is an Instagram-worthy interior where simplicity meets elegance.

To help you achieve a Korean drama-inspired home, follow these tips!

1. Incorporate neutral colors

In creating a K-inspired home, it is a must to keep your color scheme minimal. Most Korean homes have a light-colored interior that brings out a fresh and natural-looking ambiance.

Painting your walls with light, neutral shades like white, ivory, gray, and beige will go a long way in shaping your interior.

2. Decorate with natural elements

In most K-dramas, plants and other greenery are often seen as a huge part of the home decoration. Plants provide a refreshing vibe that encapsulates the style and personality of every home in these shows.

Bedeck your space with greenery planted in Heim pots, which come in natural finishes, to achieve that distinct Korean drama vibe.

Heim pots

3. Add organic-looking finishes

Another must-have for a K-drama-like home are organic-looking finishes arranged in different corners around the house. They bring a simple yet refreshing ambiance to the overall look of your home.

Furnish your space with floor tiles from Energie Ker, as well as wall-mounted shelves and carpet from Heim.

Energie Ker floor tiles; Heim wall-mounted shelf and carpet

4. Invest in light-colored furniture

To complete a K-drama-inspired home, invest in furniture that is stylish, functional, and cozy. Opt for low-seating furniture as it makes the ceiling seem higher, resulting in a more spacious-looking room.

Find trendy furniture to complete your space from Heim, which offers shelves, dining chairs, center tables, and sofa beds that will complement your taste in home interior.

Heim shelf, sofa bed, center table, and dining chair

5. Place ambient lights around the room

In many Korean dramas, ambient lights often illuminate spaces. You can see different types of lighting on side tables, beside the bed, or in different corners of the room. The soft lighting blends wonderfully with the warm, neutral colors of the interior, and this adds to the stunning cozy aesthetic of the space.

Bring out that Korean-inspired ambient with Alphalux. The brand carries a wide range of pendant lights that are ideal for a vibrant-looking space.

Alphalux pendant light

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