The Difference Between How Millennials and Gen Z Decorate Their Personal Spaces

You may even see it in the way you and your siblings decorate your rooms.

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"Different folks, different strokes" is a saying that holds true for a lot of things, but most especially when it comes to designing the home. A lot of factors are taken into account such as taste, needs, functionality, but there's another that DIY-ers  sometimes forget, which professionals always take into account: the homeowner's age.

In an interview with Cosmopolitan Philippines, Tanaw Studio’s interior designers Chelsea Magbanua, Ella Castañeda, Arvel Alvarez, and their marketing head, Arvin Alvarez, say they’ve noticed a difference in what their millennial and Gen Z clients ask for in their personal spaces.

Because they’re in different stages of their lives, millennials tend to lean towards sentimentality, incorporating heirloom pieces in the designs—a chair from their grandparents, a table from their aunt or parents. They’re also “more aware and particular when it comes to the finishes or materials being used” because they’re looking for pieces that will last.


For Gen Z clients, on the other hand, Tanaw Studio usually sources all new materials: “[They] are more about exploring their own styles so they talk more about the overall ambiance or vibe. We actually enjoy designing for both because they present very different sets of challenges and allow different liberties as well.”

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If you’re looking to simply change specific parts or make small changes in your room, Tanaw Studio has a service called Design Clinic. You can book a one-hour virtual consultation if you just have a DIY project in mind and not a full-scale renovation.

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