How to Turn a Mundane Space Into a Marvelous Home for the Holidays

Because your home should look its best during the most wonderful time of the year.

How to Turn a Mundane Space Into a Marvelous Home for the Holidays

Strong family memories are usually made during the holidays. After all, Christmas is a special occasion that comes just once a year, a time when loved ones and friends gather to celebrate togetherness. This begins and happens at home.

Your home has a major role to play. If it feels blah and mundane for the most part of the year, now is the time to make it marvelous. A small space shouldn't keep you from doing so. Here are ways to spruce up your condo home to make it marvelous for the holidays:


Aim for sophistication, but add a dash of fun.

Going for simple yet sophisticated holiday decorations reduces visual clutter inside a condo home. Decorate the front door with a wreath peppered with hollies for that minimalist but chic feel.

Stick to a color theme when decorating the Christmas tree, and remember that less is more. For those who have kids at home, add a dose of playfulness by using their small toys as ornaments.

Use neutral shades and cool hues.

Choose various shades of brown and beige and colors such as green and blue when picking holiday decor. These colors are known to be soothing and relaxing. 

Hang up some Christmas lights to make your setup extra merry, but be extra careful as well. If you're using an extension cord, keep it hidden to avoid accidents. Also, switch off the lights before going to bed.


Light some scents.

Aside from decorating the interiors, you can also create the Yuletide ambiance by lighting up scented candles or diffusing oils. Scents such as sandalwood, cinnamon, vanilla, and pine suit the season.


Use Christmas lights as a night light or table light.

Spread the holiday cheer to the bedroom by using string lights as your night light. You may DIY this by placing the lights inside a bell jar or on a clear glass vase. Just make sure the glass containers are far from a child's reach to prevent accidents.


Set up a bar cart.

The holidays is when all the get-togethers and soirees take place. Always be ready to entertain guests by styling a bar cart full of your favorite drinks and cocktails beforehand. Lovely wine bottles and clear-cut glasses add aesthetic quality. Don't forget to decorate the bar cart with a few greens such as your own succulents, or add a bowl of holiday ornaments like balls.

In upping the ante of your condo home this Christmas, it's the details that matter. Adding a few key decor pieces can instantly take your home from mundane to marvelous. But having a marvelous home doesn't have to be limited to the holidays. Give your family the gift of a condo home at The Arton by Rockwell, the newest prime address in Quezon City.

Spacious enough for families, two-bedroom units at The Arton range from 82 to 86 sqm. If you're hosting a holiday dinner, you won't have to worry about your guests feeling cramped. You also won't be constrained when it comes to Christmas decor. So go ahead and put up that tree! 

If you wish to be surrounded by trees, you'll appreciate that 80 percent of the 1.9-hectare property will be used for resort-like amenities and greenery. The open space will highlight an amenity deck with a pavilion, swimming pools, and jogging paths that wind around the three towers and gardens. 

The Arton also features amenities and a convenient location near schools and lifestyle hubs in Quezon City. Access the fitness gym, a function room (for those big family get-togethers), swimming pools, co-working spaces, and a multipurpose court any time. How's that for a gift that keeps on giving?


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