How to Add Resort-Inspired Touches to Your Family's Condo Home

Make it relaxing. Take your cue from this condo complex in Cebu City.

How to Add Resort-Inspired Touches to Your Family's Condo Home

Everyone can use a break. After working nine-to-five jobs, braving through traffic, and dealing with to-do lists, you look forward to a quick respite away from the frenzy of the city. While you'd want to hop on a plane or escape to your favorite beachside getaway, busy schedules limit your options. No need to worry—you can always feel like you're in a calming resort the moment you step into your space.

Bring the island vibe into your home with these ideas inspired by Galleria Residences, a three-tower residential complex rising in the middle of cosmopolitan Cebu:


1. Work with earth tones.

Actual 2-bedroom unit.

Whether you're painting walls, choosing a wallpaper, or bringing in furnishings, opt for taupe, tan, cream, green, and off-white. These colors will remind you of the great outdoors.


2. Make it soothing.

Inject the feel of calm seas by bringing in hints of blue. Whether you're shopping for pillows, throws, or linen, a touch of blue is always pleasing to the eyes and brings to mind the beaches of Cebu.

Even better: Unwind and de-stress at a spa and sauna without having to leave home—that is, if you choose to reside in Galleria Residences. 


3. Let in natural light.

Soak up some healthy sun before leaving the house. Fill your space with natural light by opting for sheer white curtains. This can help you save on electricity, too.

You can also opt for a floor-to-ceiling glass window to let ample sunlight in while also giving you a view of the cityscape, similar to what you'll find at a two-bedroom unit of Galleria Residences.


4. Find a balance between warm and refreshing.

Actual 1-bedroom unit.

The right accessories can instantly turn your living area into a mini resort. Pair a neutral-colored sofa with a woven area rug. Complete the look with pillows showcasing nature-inspired patterns and prints, and a light blue-colored throw. Polish the look with indoor plants and potted succulents as décor.

If you want something much closer to a mini resort, at Galleria Residences you'll find a sky deck and landscaped open spaces where you can lounge with your family after a long day.


5. Work on a wood and woven combo.

You don't need to work on a major renovation to achieve the resort-inspired look. Start with simple changes and take it from there. When looking for storage pieces, choose wooden crates and boxes for magazines and shoes. Meanwhile, woven baskets can be used as planters and catchalls, too.


6. Pick a striking artwork as your focal point.

A painting of the sea or a print highlighting a serene getaway can liven up plain walls and tie the look of your home together. For a cohesive aesthetic, choose a wall accent with colors that match or complement that of your walls and furnishings.


7. Banish clutter.

Actual 2-bedroom unit.

Keep your space inviting, homey, and relaxing by avoiding clutter. Follow a regular cleaning schedule and invest in organizers. A clean house doesn't just clear your mind. It can also help you focus on the important things, such as getting the rest you need and spending quality time with your family.


You can also look for a property boasting of resort-like amenities like Galleria Residences. It has everything you need to live a relaxed life with your family. Developed by Robinsons Residences, it is found at the corner of Maxilom Avenue and Gen. Osmena Boulevard.

Aside from its modern structure, Galleria Residences offers access to over 30 different lifestyle and recreational amenities, including a lap pool, a kiddie pool, a spa, a fitness gym, a private theater, a wine room, a game room, and a Wi-Fi lounge. For their peace of mind, there's also an on-site clinic.

Galleria Residences is integrated within the Robinsons Galleria Cebu Complex, which consists of an al-fresco-style garden mall (Robinsons Galleria Cebu), a hotel (Summit Galleria Cebu), and an office building (Robinsons Cybergate Galleria). Work, play, family, nature—everything you need for a full life is within reach. 


Robinsons Galleria Cebu Complex is a proud recipient of the Mixed-Use Development Award by the prestigious Asia Pacific Property Awards (2018-2019), the largest, most prestigious, and most widely recognized real estate awards program throughout the region. It is judged by an independent panel of 80 industry experts based on design, quality, service, innovation, originality, and commitment to sustainability. Learn more about Galleria Residences Cebu by visiting the Robinsons Residences website.

This article was created by Summit Storylabs in partnership with Robinsons Land Corporation.
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