Achieve The Bathroom Of Your Dreams With These 5 Design Trends

Create that relaxing and cozy bathroom you've always wanted.

Achieve The Bathroom Of Your Dreams With These 5 Design Trends

Gone are the days when bathrooms were mere functional spaces in the home — cold, conventional, and utilitarian spots used strictly for personal hygiene. Now, bathrooms have evolved into intimate and personal havens, where one can lounge, relax, and just be.

To achieve this unique blend of function, style, and cozy ambiance, you need to take a closer look at how your bathroom’s design exudes a certain vibe or feeling. Wall colors, fixtures, decor, and even lighting matter when designing this space.

Looking for inspiration for your dream bathroom? Check out these five design trends inspired by the different bathroom collections of lifestyle ceramic brand Villeroy & Boch:

1. Neutral Minimalist

A neutral minimalist bathroom is ideal for people who prefer a simple, clean, and calm aesthetic in their home. The choice of wall color is particularly important for this kind of design as it sets the tone of the room's overall look. Choose a warm neutral color like beige or a calming pastel color like a light mint green.

For the bathroom fixtures and ceramics, choose from a collection that reflects the same minimalist design such as Subway 2.0. It boasts of an extensive range of products including washbasins, water closets, taps, and fittings. This collection was also designed with functionality and convenience in mind, from its deep sinks to its broad storage spaces.

To put some warmth and life into your neutral minimalist bathroom, consider placing some potted plants in strategic corners of the space.

2. Modern Glam

Switching up the usual light-toned palette of a bathroom with dark but warm colors would give you a space that oozes undeniable elegance. Warm ceiling lighting installed discretely across the room and strategically placed geometric tiles add to the glamour of this design.

As a finishing touch, choose modern and trendy bathroom ceramics and fixtures like the ones from the Venticello collection. Designed with fine lines and thin edges, this collection complements the luxe ambiance of a modern glam bathroom.

For added drama — and if your bathroom is spacious enough — you can include a plush accent chair to the space.

3. Simple Elegance

Matching a graphic mural to a geometric tiled floor in a bathroom can make a bold statement. But the key to not overwhelming the space is knowing how to match these elements for a cohesive look. For a simple yet elegant bathroom, stick to a mostly monochrome color palette, such as this one with sage and white. Choose flooring with a warm, neutral shade that won’t clash with the overall design.

To accentuate this elegant yet cozy style, consider getting bathroom fixtures and ceramics from the Collaro collection. The washbasins from this line have slim contours and are made with TitanCeram for a sleeker and more modern look. Collaro also has vanities in a linear design in case you need more space for storage.

If you’re working with a smaller area for your bathroom, mounting a large mirror by the vanity unit can give the appearance of a larger space.

4. Color Pop

If you prefer something more eclectic yet contemporary in design, go for an eye-catching, poppy bathroom style.

An attention-grabbing colored geometric washbin like this one from Artis will be right up your alley. Make this vibrant item the centerpiece of your space by choosing neutral, stark colors like white or black for the walls and vanity.

In case you have other colors in mind for your washbasin, Artis has a whopping 17- color selection to suit every individual style. This color concept was developed with the help of German-Danish interior designer Gesa Hansen who took inspiration from Parisian seasonal colors.

5. Sleek and Chic

One way to achieve a sleek yet chic bathroom: Choose the same muted shade for your walls and floors, and let your bathroom fixtures and ceramics do the talking. For example, a gray palette is matched well by a deep purple rounded bathtub and white round sinks from the Loop & Friends collection.

If you have a different bathtub design in mind, don’t worry. Loop & Friends has around 22 variations for its bathtub, including one which won the 2012 RedDot Design award. This collection also has an assortment of sink shapes that can fit the bathroom design you’ve always wanted to have.

For additional visual interest and warmth, consider getting a unique pendant light and earthy, wooden decor items.

You can build the bathroom of your dreams with the help of Villeroy & Boch, a lifestyle ceramic supplier from Germany. For generations, this globally respected brand has provided exceptional service to its customers, providing for all kinds of bathroom needs such as ceramics, furniture, and all kinds of fixtures.

Book a meeting with a Villeroy & Boch product specialist now through this link, or visit the Villeroy & Boch 360° virtual showroom by clicking here. After all, there’s no better bathroom than one that suits you just right.

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This article was created by Summit Storylabs in partnership with VILLEROY & BOCH.