Give Your Condo Home a Whole New Look Starting at P30,000

These small makeover projects can make the biggest impact.

Give Your Condo Home a Whole New Look Starting at P30,000

Your home is your sanctuary. Big or small, it needs to be both comfortable and beautiful. It also needs to grow with you, meet your priorities, and reflect your evolving sense of style.

Updating your home is a must to be able to live your best life. Check out these home makeover projects you can do depending on your budget.

Beachy Bedroom Makeover for P30,000

With a budget of P30,000, the best room to update first is your personal, private space—your bedroom. It’s where you go to rest and recharge at the end of a long day since there’s nothing more precious or valuable than a good night’s sleep.

Start this makeover by taking your cue from the sun, sand, and sea. Choose the best bed mattress within budget and wrap it in earth-toned cotton sheets, reminiscent of hotel rooms. Give your bedroom walls a fresh coat of wallpaper with wood patterns for that fresh feeling.

Pick a bedside lamp that you can use for mood lighting. To achieve the cool, relaxing look of a beach cottage, keep your decor minimal and get rid of the clutter.

Scandinavian-Inspired Living Room for P50,000

Scandinavian design is popular for its simplicity, functionality, and minimalism. It creates a happy, calm, and cool space that’s a great antidote to the fast-paced everyday life.

While items by Scandinavian companies may be a bit pricey for many, you can recreate the look by choosing key pieces inspired by this design aesthetic. Choose a modern sofa in neutral colors like white or beige and a coffee table with clean, simple lines and a bleached wood finish.

Paint your walls white and use plants for decor. For the minimalist look Scandinavian design is known for, keep your knickknacks to the bare minimum.

Sleek, Modern Kitchen for P100,000

If you’re living in a condo unit where the front door opens up to the kitchen, this makeover project is for you.

Create a welcoming entrance—as well as a good first impression—with a modern kitchen upgrade. Treat yourself to brand new kitchen cabinets with streamlined handles, a sleek backsplash, and smooth marble countertops. You can go for an all-white modern kitchen or a black-and-gray motif. Remember to measure your space carefully—floor space, doorways, even hallways—before investing in big kitchen appliances.

To complete the look, splurge a little by installing task lighting on the underside of your cabinets as well as kitchen cabinet interiors.

Makeovers take a lot of work and a lot of money. Go into your next makeover with confidence knowing that the financials are taken care of by applying for a Citi Personal Loan. At Citi, personal loans are approved quickly, have flexible payment terms of one to five years, and need no collateral nor guarantor.

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Disclaimer: Actual makeover cost depends on the scope of work, size of the kitchen, etc. Design fees not included.

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