7 Home Interior Trends for 2022 That Every Home Buddy Should Know

Plus, we list some furniture recommendations for each trend!

7 Home Interior Trends for 2022 That Every Home Buddy Should Know

The stay-at-home lifestyle has inspired us to design our homes in ways that show our most genuine selves at home. And with the new year approaching, you'd probably want to make your nest more comfortable and livable. For ideas, Wilcon Depot curates seven home interior styles and trends that will be making waves this 2022.

1. Bringing the Nature In

The nature-inspired design is here to stay! Not only does this aesthetic help you have a daily visual connection to nature, but it also creates a calming and refreshing look to your home.

Replicate the look by playing with earthy and neutral tones and combining these with contemporary pieces that are softer and textured.

Get the look:

Earth-toned furniture can strengthen the nature-inspired look of a space. This one can house your home entertainment setup while ensuring that the nature-inspired theme is maintained.

Install this wooden ceiling fan to your bedroom, living room, or patio to add a tropical touch.

2. Extra Minimalism

Minimalism helps you focus on your day-to-day tasks and needs. So, decluttering is a must to achieve this look. Done right, minimalism will help enhance the space’s livability.

Try working with one or two main materials for your furniture, like steel or wood, and lessen ornaments. Add visual interest by playing with textures and surfaces.

Get the look:

This no-nonsense center table is simple enough to fit your minimalist aesthetic. Its marble design will add a touch of sophistication to your space.

Functional and decorative pieces that reveal your personality are a great way to make any minimalist space your own.

3. '70s Retro Inspired

The ’70s and vintage everything is also making a huge comeback. Things we’ll start seeing more of from the glamorous decade include teal, persimmon, moss green, burnt orange, warm neutrals, and psychedelic color schemes. There will most likely be a lot of soft melting forms and designs as well as plump rounded furniture.

Get the look:

Bright-colored pieces like this cheery sofa can instantly add zest and playfulness to your space.

Pendant lamps adorned every '70s kitchen and were at the height of home kitchen fashion. Plus points if they were orange!

4. Velvet Interiors

Plush velvet fabrics can instantly elevate both refined and restrained interiors with its luxurious touch. It’s an inviting fabric for both bedrooms or living rooms. Try contrasting its softness with smooth scatter pillows or metal accents.

Get the look:

This oceanic blue sofa will certainly look inviting placed at the center of your living room.

Complete the set with this plush one-seater sofa.

5. Cottagecore

Like nature-inspired interiors, cottagecore brings in the outdoors and helps us connect with nature. It depicts going back to the simple times and the return to artisanal skills like baking and crafting. Nature and vintage are key themes in this look.

Get the look:

Introduce nature to your home with florals or nature-inspired patterns and decors. This piece combines soothing greens, pinks, and greys perfectly.

Wooden furnishings with earthy textures help add to the earthy vibe.

6. French Royal

Bring old-world charm, high-class taste, and romance together in this Parisian twist! The classic French style is all about sophistication with a hint of whimsy - perfect for those who love timeless beauty, luxury, and streamlined elegance.

Get the look:

Gracefully curved backs and legs, exquisite details and shapes, and elegant fabrics define classic French furnishings that adorn classic French interiors.

This center table’s rich chocolate-colored wood can complement the jewel and pastel color schemes found in French-themed interiors.

7. Home Office

Creating the ideal home office has become essential nowadays. The important thing to remember is to make your space work for you. That said, functionality, practicality, and aesthetics are all equally important.

Get the look:

Office desks that have drawers are great for keeping your space neat and organized.

This faux-leather office chair’s headrest and back support will have you working comfortably and in style.

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