6 Genius Ideas for Decorating Compact Living Areas

Lifestyle store owner and blogger Leona Panutat shares tips on creating a space you'd never want to leave.

6 Genius Ideas for Decorating Compact Living Areas

"Once I enter the house, it's pretty hard to make me leave again," says entrepreneur and blogger Leona Panutat. And why not? She shares a comfy and cozy space with her husband and two kids, ages five and two, and the things they like doing together the most are best done here: playing, reading, and watching their favorite shows. 

"Our living room is an extension of the dining room. We have a huge sectional couch, which I love, and a long customized coffee table, where they play. On Sunday mornings, we like to hang out there. I usually have a cup of coffee while the kids play," says Leona, who owns L'Indochine and manages a blog called The Inspiration Seekers.

Leona achieved exactly what she had in mind for her living room: light-filled, inviting, and cozy, but without the clutter. Having limited space is never a problem. She is partial to neutrals, and simply adds color and texture through fabric, family mementos, and art pieces. "Through the years, I've learned how to let go of pieces that no longer work for me and just surround myself with pieces that I love," she adds.

Here, Leona shares some tips on how to make the most out of compact living areas:


Measure your space

Make sure the furniture pieces fit. Not too small that you end up with a lot of empty space, but not too big either so you still have room for walking around.


Check your flow

Find a floor plan that works for you. Remember that furniture pieces should not be situated too close to each other. If you find yourself having trouble navigating around the room, perhaps it's time to reduce the furniture.


Be guest-ready

Compact spaces can easily look cluttered, so keep a decorative basket on hand to store toys and books when guests drop by unexpectedly. Get everything spic and span in an instant!



Use books, photographs, and other keepsakes to decorate your space and give it character. These are also great conversation starters when you're entertaining.


Play with colors and textures

Keep your furniture neutral but don't be afraid to add pops of color with pillows and home accents. A rug in natural fiber always adds instant warmth. Colors also evoke certain emotions, so consider these when selecting a color palette. 


Go green

Don't underestimate the power of greens! Plants instantly add life to any space. Also, looking at something green can help you relax. Just remember to avoid poisonous plants especially if you've got kids in the house.


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