6 Condo Decorating Ideas from Noted Cebu Designers

Add some flair to your space inspired by the Queen City of the South

6 Condo Decorating Ideas from Noted Cebu Designers

Aside from its rich cultural heritage, Cebu is also known for its furniture industry, making it an ideal hub for designers. Everywhere you look, you'll surely find new decor inspirations for your own home. 

Which is why for the first time ever, we decided to bring the distinct Real Living style and inspiration to Cebu. The RL team worked with three notable Cebu-based designers and partnered with Avida Land to turn three model units at the showroom of Avida Towers Riala (at Cebu I.T. Park) into stylish spaces.

Below are decor tips we picked up from this collaboration. These might just make living in a condo all the more inspiring for you.

1. Use interesting items as floating shelves 

For the 40sqm one-bedroom unit, interior designer Hannah Lim used different storage solutions for condo dwellers who love to travel and bring back mementos from all over the world. Try these DIY tips as shown in the photo:

  • Maximize one wall by hanging a wooden box horizontally to make space for cute souvenirs and even small potted plants.
  • Turn awkward spaces and corners into functional nooks! Take inspiration from the old suitcase turned into a floating corner shelf added beneath the AC unit.
  • Be creative! These shelves customized by Projekt used repurposed wooden boards and copper pipes into floor-to-ceiling shelves to hold décor, books, and other knickknacks.

2. Liven up your kitchen with hanging plants 

Hanging rods can do wonders for the nooks and crannies of your home. The potted plants hanging on a curtain rod add an organic, cozy feel to the small kitchen. This way, you can also take advantage of the empty space in between wall-mounted cabinets. 

TIP: Plant basil, oregano, and rosemary instead, so you can easily add fresh herbs to your culinary creations.

3. Invest in good lighting pieces 

Furniture and interior designer Maybelline Te jazzed up the 57sqm two-bedroom unit with natural wood finishes and furniture adorned with metallic accents. To make the metallic accessories and furniture stand out, she chose different lighting fixtures that also double as decorative pieces.

TIP: Install decorative chandeliers in strategic locations. These can help highlight key furniture in the chosen areas.  

4. Make your accent walls functional

Accent walls are a must for condos, because they make tight spaces seem roomier and allow you to express yourself creatively without taking up too much space. These upholstered abaca panel boards add warmth to the living area while cleverly hiding the cables found in the room.


  • Opt for custom-made wooden shelves like these ones from General Bleu to maximize storage space and also frame pieces such your flat-screen TV.
  • Make your kitchen backsplash into your accent wall—use unusually shaped or patterned tiles, like these from iTrade.

5. Create smart partitions for small spaces

There's a lot more that can be done with a 23sqm studio unit. This is why architect and interior designer Maya Franco opted for a utilitarian feel when she transformed this Avida Towers Riala model unit into an outdoorsy bachelor's pad. Maya installed a multifunctional divider that can house decorative pieces while separating the sleeping area from the rest of the unit.

TIP: Use area rugs and paint colors to divide your condo into different areas.. Select contrasting textures and colors to keep it interesting.

6. Think in layers 

When designing for a studio unit, it's important to keep a layered layout in mind so you can utilize the space to its fullest without making it look cramped.


  • Choose furniture with hidden storage spaces at the bottom, like this kitchen top customized by Projekt that can double as a breakfast nook once unfolded.
  • Install a customized mirror backing right above the floating shelves to make the area look more spacious.   

Want to see more of these RL spaces in Cebu? The Avida Towers Riala showroom is open to the public, so drop by Geonzon St., Cebu I.T. Park to see the units showcased at the RL Open House event held last May 19.

We'd also like to thank our project partners: Premiere Alliance Property Development Corp., Boysen (Pacific Paints Philippines, Inc.), Architecture & Design Source (AIS), Abenson, General Bleu, Projekt Home Furnishings, Bespoke Interiors, Inc., and Townes Inc.

This article was created by Summit Storylabs in partnership with Avida Land.