5 Ways To Create A Nature-Inspired Minimalist Condo

You can live close to nature without having to leave the city.

5  Ways To Create A Nature-Inspired Minimalist Condo

Gone are the days when people only factor in location when looking for a property that they will call home. More and more people search for a place that will allow them to express themselves, live a healthy lifestyle, and cultivate their passions and hobbies. Homes with access to jogging paths or spaces for exercise have also been on the list of prospective homeowners' must-haves. 

And although homes with open spaces and parks are difficult to find, it doesn't mean you cannot incorporate nature into your home. Here are some tips on how you can create a nature-inspired minimalist space.


1. Choose a color palette close to nature's colors.

Greens and browns are not your only options. Do you love the sunset? Try using orange and yellow accents. Want a hint of the sky and sea? Play with different shades of blue. 


2. Get indoor plants.

Nothing spells nature better than real plants. There are several low-maintenance houseplants that you can consider for your condo. The snake plant (Sansevieria) can survive low light, and you don't have to water it often. In fact, it is often said that the more you neglect a snake plant, the more likely it will thrive. Its long, sturdy leaves make them a great addition to a bland and empty corner of your living room. Spider plants (Chlorophytum comosum) are also easy to grow. Place them in low pots, and they can be a perfect centerpiece for your coffee table or a great addition to your bookshelf.


3. Choose furniture pieces made of natural materials.

Wooden and bamboo pieces are excellent choices if you want a touch of nature in your home. They also add warmth, making your place cozy and homey. Accessories like rugs or accent chairs made of abaca or rattan can also help. Minimize the use of furniture pieces and accessories made of glass or metal, as these can make your unit look cold.


4. Pick clean lines over ornate and intricate ones.

Go for furniture pieces with contemporary silhouettes. Victorian-style furniture may not be the best choices when you want a nature-inspired and minimalist look. You can use dramatic pieces as accents, but limit them to one or two pieces in a room. If you want to inject a bit of traditional style and blend it with a nature-inspired look, consider using Filipino antiques.


5. Let in generous amounts of natural light.

Draw those curtains open and let the sunshine in. Or if the sunlight is too harsh, filter it with semi-sheer or light-colored curtains. Your condo will exude an airy and relaxed feel once you let it bathe in natural light. 

Ready to move into your nature-inspired place? Check out Circulo Verde, which is situated along Calle Industria Street in Bagumbayan, Quezon City. It is accessible via C5 and Amang Rodriguez Jr Avenue.

Circulo Verde offers generous open spaces if you're looking for a respite from busy city life. Here, you can ride your bike, go for a morning jog, or simply enjoy quiet mornings while meditating or doing yoga.

Circulo Verde is also near business districts, schools, and commercial establishments in Quezon City and Pasig. It will allow you to have a green and healthy lifestyle close to nature, without taking away the convenience of being close to everything you need.


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This article was created by Summit Storylabs in partnership with Circulo Verde.
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