5 Ways to Achieve a Nature-inspired Condo

You won't look at condos the same way again with these out-of-the-box ideas

5 Ways to Achieve a Nature-inspired Condo

Yes, it's possible to enjoy serenity brought about by the sounds and sights of nature without having to go out of the city. In fact, you can bring these inside your condo.

To help shut out the noise of the urban jungle in a condominium setup, create your own patch of urban paradise with these design ideas: 

Decorate with blue-colored crystals

Spruce up an otherwise drab desk or coffee table with crystals such as lapis lazuli, blue moonstones, and sapphires. Their shiny quality and color recreate the sparkling vibe of crystal-clear water. You can also make a pebble-mat setup in your bathroom.

Rely on natural light to brighten up your place

Keeping the light as natural as possible may pose a challenge for some rooms, but it comes with perks that go beyond the aesthetic (it's flattering) and economic (i.e., electricity savings). Natural light is good for your well-being and productivity, too.

"Plant" on your walls

Who says that only vases and vertical gardens can hold indoor plants? Flora is a common subject of art. Check out paintings with a botanical theme, or do a complete wall overhaul with floral wallpaper. You can also put freshly pressed leaves in a frame and hang this as a form of wall art for your living room or bedroom. 

If you still want to spuce up tabletops with greens, upcycle a blue-tinted bottle and just add stalks.

Use a Zen fountain

The sound of a gurgling brook is one of the most pleasant sounds that promote relaxation and sleep. The easiest way to get the same effect indoors, especially inside a condo, is to make use of a tabletop fountain.

Choose a nature-inspired dwelling

When deciding on where to live, consider not just the location and amenities, but also how close it can bring you to an Eden-inspired locale. Or, better yet, why not come home to paradise every day?

The whole idea behind Acqua Private Residences is a riverfront development inspired by paradise, with a tropical rainforest residential concept in the middle of Makati and Mandaluyong. This residential Eden has six towers, named after the most beautiful waterfalls in the world, that offer majestic views of the city skyline above and the serene waterfront and verdant scenes below.

Also within Acqua is The Pebble, a country club by the water facing an ever dynamic urban center. Located right in the center of the development, it's the perfect retreat from city living. The Pebble is fronted by a Riverwalk Promenade, which will house several commercial establishments.

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