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5 Wood Flooring Ideas That Will Never Go Out of Style

It's always a good idea to choose a timeless and classic design.

5 Wood Flooring Ideas That Will Never Go Out of Style

The interiors of a house tell a lot about the years it has been through—the flooring even more so. Wood flooring adds a touch of elegance and timeless grace to a space. It saves you time, effort, and money in the long run because of its durability. Plus, selecting a classic floor material like wood allows your home to transcend any design trend.

Here are five kinds of wood flooring that can easily transition from today's fad to the next without looking dated and worn:

1. Laminate Flooring

Laminate flooring is the go-to option for a busy homeowner. Its resistance to moisture, scratches, stains, and fading gives it the benefit of looking like natural wood without the tendency to wear and tear under normal conditions.

A wood laminate like PCW Lamina in Midnight Ash has an overlay decorative layer that complements a rustic or modern-minimalist home. Its dark and monochromatic tone can bring out printed fabrics and textiles, as well as match neutral furnishings. PCW Lamina is also easy to assemble with its click-type installation system.

Priced at approx. P725/sqm

2. Textured Composite Flooring

Composite flooring is made of modified real wood that makes it readier and more durable for the home. It's easier to install than big slabs of wood and is coated with additional protective material to make it highly water- and scratch-resistant, making it suitable for areas with high foot traffic, and can even withstand commercial applications

The PCW Ultra 6.0 Floor is a perfect example as it boasts of a natural wood look and textured surface despite its extra durable UV coat and wear layer top coat. It opens up a room with its creamy beige color, giving a space a striking contrast especially when paired with furniture made of dark or rose-toned wood. It has a soft and subtle wood grain design that gives floors a simple and clean finish.

Another option is the Ultra 2.0 Hybrid Floor, which has a textured surface. Already prefinished, it has two looks: stone and wood. This floor is also waterproof and scratch-resistant. It's also easy to install; it makes use of the glue-down method.

PCW Ultra 6.0 Floor: Priced at approx. P1,780/sqm.

3. Smooth Composite Flooring

Another variety of composite flooring comes in a smooth finish. The smooth version mimics the look of wood but not its feel—it's leveled and polished. Like the textured type, the smooth composite flooring is also designed to be more durable than real wood.

It comes in an array of colors, from a bright, earth-toned shade that suits bold-colored furniture to a more eccentric design with various hues like the PCW Ultra 8.0 Floors that's perfect for the more adventurous homeowner.

Price starts at approx. P2,140/sqm

4. Engineered Flooring

Matwood Treated Innovation Engineered 12mm Floors in African Narra Gold is a click-type flooring that has a multi-layered wood base and a top layer made from 0.6mm real-wood veneer. It's stained and textured to enhance the wood's natural look and is protected by a 10-ply UV coating system.

Not known to many, this type of wooden floor is one of the most durable options for your home. Being an all-natural wood product, this type of material expands and shrinks with weather and temperature changes.

Engineered flooring like this comes in two kinds of surfaces: flat and smooth, and brushed and hand-scraped. It also has a five-year warranty against insect infestation.

Price starts at approx. P3,100/sqm

5. Solid Flooring

Made of 100-percent real hardwood, solid flooring is considered the most premium floor option. It's scratch-resistant and ages well through the years with regular maintenance. You can't get any more real than this easy-to-install material. Floors like this come in two types of surfaces: flat and smooth, and textured.

The Matwood Innovation Solid Floors in Merbau is a prime example of solid flooring. Stained to enhance the shade of real wood and its real texture preserved to retain the wood's integrity, this type of flooring has a timeless look that will enhance your home’s interiors. The Matwood Innovation Solid Floors are also designed with a click-type installation system and have a 10-ply UV coating as a protective layer.

Price starts at approx. P6,050/sqm

You can find these types of wood floorings and other products at Matimco. It has a wide range of flooring options that could fit any type of home and need. Since flooring is the foundation of your home's interior, choosing the right one is crucial. It has to stand the test of time and trends.

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